Report 23/6/17

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Report 23/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:43 pm

Estuary: Conditions in Wallis Lake have been a little tough over the past week. The most recent bout of wet weather has really put the Flathead fishing on the back burner which is unfortunate because the good old ‘lizards’ were fishing so well even in the cooler water. Bream really don’t mind the fresh though and are still around in fairly good numbers. I had one angler in earlier in the week and he said that he caught some huge bream one day only to return and fish the same spot for 3 hours the next day and catch all undersized fish. If you are chasing Bream on bait you have to remember that these fish are highly mobile. They will very rarely sit in the same spot day after day, particularly when there has been rain and the estuary’s salinity is all over the shop. Give a spot a got for half an hour and if it’s quiet don’t be scared to move about until you find fish. This is one of the reasons lure fishermen will often out fish bait fishermen – they are constantly on the move, covering new ground and actively searching for the feeding fish. As I said last week, the Luderick are well and truly on the bite now and the condition that most of the fish are in is unbelievable! I can’t remember the last time I saw so many fat, round looking Luderick.

Beaches: Our coastline over the past week has been pounded once again by a fair bit of sea which has made it tough for the beach fishermen. Those that did the miles managed to find some good water on 9 Mile Beach, Diamond Beach and further north up at Manning Point. All of these beaches were holding some cracking Tailor, Bream and the odd Mulloway. On the subject of Mulloway, I was disappointed during the week to hear that a huge number of mature (15+kg) fish were sent to Sydney Fish Markets by the local commercial fishermen. I am in no way against commercial fishing (and believe it can definitely be done sustainably), however, surely common sense would tell these individuals (or those that manage the fishery) that taking out such a big number of breeders is far from healthy for the local fish stocks. Hearing these types of stories year after year is heart breaking personally and spirit breaking for all those poor fishermen that put in hours and hours chasing these beautiful fish.

Rocks: The bit of rough weather we have experienced this week should make for some exceptional Bream, Drummer and Luderick fishing over this coming weekend. Tailor and Mulloway also love the foam and wash that the seas create as it provides a safe place for them to hide under and hunt from. If you do decide to venture onto the rocks this weekend, please take a mate and stay safe. No fish is worth your life!

Offshore: Offshore has been all but a write off this week. The swell that we have had should really stir things up and get the reef fish on the chew. The boats that did sneak out during the week found plenty of Bonito, Tailor and the odd Snapper.

For a change this weekend is looking fantastic with Sunday being the best. The mornings will be chilly but the sun will be shining bright so get out there and make the most of it!

Happy Fishing!
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