Report 7/7/17

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Report 7/7/17

Post by subeditor » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:42 pm

Estuary: Those that have braved the cool, windy, wet conditions over the past week have been rewarded with some great Bream fishing. The fish are in fantastic condition at the moment, Bream over 35cm seem to be fairly common in the lower parts of the estuary. Along with some cracking Bream, anglers have also reported some great catches of Leatherjacket. If you find yourself losing baits but barely even feeling the bites, chances are there are Leatherjackets about. Simply downsize your hook to a #10/12 long shank hook and should be able to snag a few of these tasty little critters. Unfortunately, the Luderick seem to have become fairly patchy. The quality in the fish is still definitely there but the fish really good one day only to be gone the next.

Beaches: The local Beaches have been fishing really well over the past week. Tailor are still about in good numbers and are of a fairly good size. Most beaches are holding good schools of fish with 7 Mile, 9 Mile and Diamond Beach being the most productive. Bream are still about in good numbers off the beach and can usually be caught while chasing Tailor. It has been a really productive week for those that like to put in the hours chasing the mighty Mulloway. While there have been very few caught on Tuncurry, the beaches to the north and south are all producing fish. Interestingly, the schools consist of a huge mix in sizes. One angler had a cracking session on Tuesday where they caught 6 fish, the biggest was about 15kg and the smallest wouldn’t have been 45cm long!

Rocks: I have very little to report from the rocks this week. There are still plenty of Bream, Tailor and Luderick being caught from most headlands. The bigger Tailor seem to be to the south at the moment, one angler was lucky enough to land an absolute monstrous fish which has been estimated to be about 10kg!

Offshore: Despite the wet weather we copped for most of the week, the seas have been fairly good. Stiff westerly winds keep the bar and inshore reefs a flat as a tack. Squid have been about in good numbers on reefs to about 20m in depth. The same areas have been producing some nice Snapper on the right day. On the quiet days it can require a lot of patience and continual lure casting in between fish in these shallow areas! Further out there have been mixed reports, most have struggled with the Snapper reporting that there are a lot of fish out there but most are either undersized or just legal. This is a great sign and hopefully it indicates that our local fishery is healthy and sustainable.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the school holidays.

Happy Fishing!

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Re: Report 7/7/17

Post by sammy » Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:58 pm

I don't know where the cold windy and wet come from but it's not Forster/Tuncurry it's been a fantastic week cool mornings sunshine and very little wind unlike last week when it was cold wet and windy

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Re: Report 7/7/17

Post by Flathead01 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:35 pm

Hey all,
Yer I must agree... Good report. 5 days ago I went out (upto 12 Klm) got a few snapper, per lies, flatie & a big trag... Today off the beach there were a few tailor...get out there everyone and don't stay too long in one place if you aren't catching. The fish are there.!😬❄️👌

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Re: Report 7/7/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:26 am

Sorry guys, I posted the wrong report! I'll upload the correct one now.

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