Report 9/7/17

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Report 9/7/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:28 am

Estuary: This past week has been absolutely heavenly here in the Great Lakes area. Light winds and clear skies have made for perfect fishing conditions and there have been a lot of anglers making the most of this spring-like weather. The estuary continues to fish fairly well with most catches consisting of Bream and Flathead. The big Bream are definitely still about in good numbers but there seems to be a lot of smaller fish in between which can be frustrating for some. Bream are a fairly slow growing species so the 35+cm fish that we often see cruising in the clear waters of the lake may be 15 years old or older. Having been about so long these older fish are fairly switched on and are nowhere near as silly as their young counterparts. This is why it is so important to fish in a way that makes your lure or bait look as realistic and natural as possible. If these old Bream see a bait or soft plastic plummet to the bottom too fast or if they can see too much hook exposed, they will ignore even the tastiest of offerings! The Luderick continue to frustrate fishermen. While there are some great fish around, the schools are moving about a lot and keeping the fishermen guessing!

Beaches: Tailor continue to make up the majority of catches from our beaches. Reports of big fish coming from the southerly beaches are filtering through daily with plenty of fish over the 5kg mark being taken. Most fish are being taken using the usual methods of Pilchards on a set of ganged hooks or spinning metal lures. For those wanting to target the bigger fish, using live baits and bigger surface lures is a great option. Large cup faced poppers and stick baits are an awesome way to fish the beach and can make for some spectacular fishing. Bream are also fairly prolific along our beaches at the moment and will often be encountered while chasing Tailor. Interestingly a visiting angler had an awesome little session on 9 Mile beach during the week where he managed to catch 6 nice Whiting.

Rocks: The calm conditions we have been experiencing has made it a little tough for the local rock fishermen. Those that have taken advantage of the little spikes in swell that have passed through have reported some nice Black Drummer and Luderick. Glass calm conditions make fishing tough on the rock mainly because the fish are not in feed mode, crashing waves dislodge food and get the fish feeding. One option on calm days is to catch some crabs or cut some Cunjevoi and try your luck at wrestling a big Blue Groper.

Offshore: Offshore fishing over the past week has been really consistent. There have been a good numbers of Snapper, Teraglin and Flathead being caught on the inshore reefs out to about 50m. By far the standout catch for the week was a 10kg Snapper caught by a local fisherman earlier in the week, an absolute beast of a fish! Unfortunately, the Leather jackets have started to show up, while they are great on the plate they can be a real nuisance as they chew through hooks, sinkers, swivels, line……just about anything really! The deeper reefs are also fishing well for Bar Cod which is a real option on these nice calm days for the more adventurous angler, start searching at around 150m and you never know what you might find.
Fingers and toes crossed for more of this lovely weather! Enjoy the weekend.

Happy Fishing!
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