Report 15/7/17

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Report 15/7/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:19 pm

Estuary: The Great Lakes area has been blessed with some amazing winter weather for this latest batch of School Holidays! Warm, sunny conditions and going fishing go hand in hand and this past week has seen a lot of anglers trying their luck in the beautiful, clear waters of Wallis Lake. Bream continue to make up the majority of catches, unfortunately that biological drive to feed and breed has diminished somewhat in the bigger fish and fooling them into taking a bait or lure is becoming harder. That’s not to say that they cannot be or have not been caught, lightly weighted, natural looking baits will always produce results – as will a perfectly positioned cast with a realistic, straight swimming lure. Flathead seem to be a year round prospect these days, while they are not as easy to catch during these cooler months they are definitely still a worthy target. Working 3” soft plastics over shallow banks and drop-offs will yield the best results as the fish love sunning themselves up in the shallows during winter. The Luderick are fishing well up the lake but still only provide frustration for those landlocked anglers trying to find them in the lower sections of the estuary.

Beaches: I am happy to report that this weeks’ report is almost identical to last weeks’! Tailor are still about in great numbers and those that put in the time have been rewarded with some really nice 2-4kg fish. There have also been some good Salmon around which make for great fun on light gear!

Rocks: Unfortunately reports coming from the rocks have been few and far between this week. There are still a few nice Luderick being taken out at Jainey’s Corner with the odd Drummer mixed in between them. Tailor remain a worthwhile target from the stones with either bait or lure, the big trick is to make sure you are fishing early or late in the day, Tailor typically stop biting once the sun gets up in the sky.

Offshore: I absolutely love fishing offshore during the winter months. Even though the mornings are horribly cold and unpleasant, the fishing is always good. The Snapper fishing has continued to be good on most reefs over the past week, the big full moon that we had earlier in the week seems to have pushed the fish back out to deeper water than they have been in, most fish during the week were caught from 20m out to about 65m. Teraglin and Flathead have also been about in good numbers and all the fish seem to be really nice and healthy. There seems to be a few Kingfish starting to show themselves offshore as well which has made for some fun for those lucky enough to come across them. It’s hardly surprising given the amount of baitfish that are about at the moment. Along with the Kingfish, there are also big Bonito and even the odd Cobia harassing the poor bait schools.

Happy Fishing!
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