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Report 1/12/17

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:58 am
by Nicole Penfold
Estuary: Wallis Lake is an awesome fishery over the summer months. Flathead are the main target for most and with good reason. At this time of the year huge numbers of these guys congregate in the lower reaches of the estuary and are great fun on light gear. Artificial lures are by far the most productive means of targeting them and of these soft plastics are the easiest option. There has been a bit of a trend of late towards using deep diving hard bodied lures for Flathead, slim profiled lures such as the Bassday Sugar Deep 70mm are perfect for this and will work great on the troll as well as casting. There have been some big Bream up over the 40cm mark reported over the past week and interestingly they have all come from very different parts of the system. One fish went 42cm and it was taken from the area known as ‘the Paddock’ down the bottom of the lake, another went 47cm and it was taken down near Coomba Park and then another that was 44cm was caught not far into the Wallamba River! Sand Whiting are well and truly awake now, fishing with Worms or Yabbies on a sand flat will almost certainly get you a feed. Alternatively, you can try your luck at using surface lures to fool these hard fighting speedsters! Trumpeter Whiting remain pretty consistent as well with most anglers getting a good bag of fish each trip.

Beaches: The poor water quality along our beaches continues to be a pest, as do the constant easterly winds. However, in saying that, the fishing has been surprisingly good. There have been more than a few Mulloway landed over the past week, most fish have been between 70cm and 90cm with the odd fish bumping up over that magic meter mark! Bream continue to sit along our beaches, particularly towards the ends of the beaches. Whiting are beginning to show up along our beaches but not quite in the numbers that the Summer Beach fishing scene is known for.

Rocks: The rock fishing continues to tick along neither here nor there. Bread and butter species such as Bream and Luderick are fishing well but by this time of the year most rock fishermen have their eyes peeled waiting for the first signs of Tuna. While there are no Tuna yet there have been some huge Kingfish well over 25kg haunting the coastline which are well worth targeting!

Offshore: The fishing offshore has been very consistent lately. While there has been a fairly persistent wind pattern of late, most mornings have been pretty good. Those that have ventured out have been having a ball on the inshore reefs and Flathead grounds. There have been plenty of 2-4kg Snapper landed through the week along with a couple of 5kg crackers in between. Trag remain steady for those wanting to get up nice and early or fish into the night. Bonito and Slimey Mackerel numbers are on the rise now and big schools have been popping up around Latitude Rock, North One Mile and anywhere in between.

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