Report 8/12/17

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Report 8/12/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:02 pm

Estuary: This time of the year is typified by huge tides which can be a blessing and curse for anglers all at once! Big tides mean lots of current, the best way to fish this effectively is to focus your efforts about the tide changes. As the tide gets close to the top or bottom its power tapers off and it’s at this time that not only does the fishing become easier, the fish themselves take advantage of the reduced flow and begin feeding more seriously. The big high tides are perfect for getting up onto the flats to chase Whiting, Bream and Flathead on surface lures. Similarly, the high water level provides easy access to the tops of the Oyster trays for the local Bream population. Most small tinny’s can also easily float over them, casting stickbaits across the flooded trays is awesome fun (but very expensive haha). If shallow water flats type fishing isn’t your thing, the estuary is still alive with Flathead and Whiting, both of which can be taken on the drift using either baits or soft plastics. Fish the deeper main channels for the Trumpeter Whiting and focus your efforts on the adjacent banks and drops offs for Flathead and Sand Whiting.

Beaches: The local beaches have been all but a write off this week with frustrating winds and big seas. Once the sea calms down, we should see some clearer conditions along our coastline and hopefully some nice gutters will have formed in order to hold some nice schools of Sand Whiting and Mulloway.

Rocks: Like the beach scene, the rock fishing has been all but non-existent of late. If you can find a sheltered, safe spot to fish you should be able to find plenty of Bream, Luderick and the odd Drummer. There have been a few Tailor floating about as well which can be fun if you are lucky enough to come across them. The sheltered areas with good amounts of kelp have also been good spots to try for a few Squid.

Offshore: Offshore fishing continues to be pretty good. However, while the fish are in good numbers on most reefs, so too are the dreaded Barracouda! These horrible silver rig stealers have been really thick this year and while ever this cold dark water hangs about so will they! One boat fished in 60m to the south and had a cracking first drift where they landed 10 Snapper to 6kg, unfortunately every drift after that resulted in Barracouda and bite offs!!! Similar reports have been coming through regarding the reefs to the north, they are holding some great Teraglin and Pearlies but unfortunately you have to also contend with the toothy hordes of couda!

Happy Fishing!
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