Report 31/5/19

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Nicole Penfold
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Report 31/5/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 31, 2019 10:45 am

Winter is finally upon us and i have to say not much fun these early morning starts when its 10 degrees but the fishing is very good, the school mackerel are on all over the bay. The basin at peel, the area around mud island at the yellow buoy the measured mile beacon and the four beacons are all holding school mackerel same as with the spoiled ground area north of harries artificial reef whether on the troll with spoons or a floating pilly you should be able to get a few.

The whiting are starting to show up in the small boat channel and the rous but best is fisherman's gutter, amity banks, blue hole and the sand hills.

Squire seem to be in good numbers in the rous channel at the mt cotton reach,mud island, the lazaret gutter and green had some fish but most were undersized but some good sweet lip at least and a few good size Flathead.

Plenty of bonito all over the bay at the moment and a few long tail tuna in the northern bay, so when the winds ease it's worth a trip out in the bay.

I thought i would mention as i have had a few emails re new bait board on my old boat so i thought i would pass on the info from the company as i have bought and made my own bait boards to fit the boats i have owned. It's Formost Plastics at Lytton Road, Bulimba (3217 9177). They are very helpful people, fast service and very well priced. I only use food grade polypropylene, and find that 20-25mm thickness is the best. My last board lasted for 15 years.

So get the winter woollies out of the cupboard and see you out on the water.


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Re: Report 31/5/19

Post by sperok » Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:55 pm

great first days of winter fishing the 20knots forcast did not arrive neither did the rain and the bay was like glass with plenty of fish to be had. martha and i spent the 3 days over peel way and there were plenty of bonito, school mackerel (early morning ) in the basin area east of the lazaret and they were in good numbers in the second green of amity banks. Still, the sharks are the biggest problem. You really cant anchor up and fish with a pilly as the sharks just will not let you get a bait down if there are schoolies around the sharks are there.

The amity banks had plenty of whiting, you needed to have a few different area drifts to find them but were of good quality.

the cuttlefish and arrow squid are in the deeper waters of the bay islands and i dont know whats happened to the tiger squid, they have gone very quiet.

Reef fishing was not much chop at the lazaret wind against tide and lots of undersize fish. Still, a great week end on the bay with amazing sunsets.


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Re: Report 31/5/19

Post by sperok » Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:31 pm

Saturday had a few mackerel at the peel basin but lots of small ones as well today there were plenty at the 1st green at amity banks (west of it) with the run out tide managed 4 and a few bonito but also a few small ones.
the bay was like a milk pond and the cuttlefish and arrow squid are in good numbers east of wellington point all the way east of green and st helena just of the bottom but the tide has to be moving .
after 50 years of catching these cuttle fish and getting there extra dark ink everywhere i had a light bulb moment ,a 10 litre stainless steel pot does not mark easy as anything to clean and you put the lid on and no mess on the boat...and most camping stores have them pretty chip and you can cook your crabs in them as well.
A few nice squire caught at green in the early morning run out tide on sunday as well.


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Re: Report 31/5/19

Post by sperok » Sat Jun 15, 2019 3:16 pm

Great weather over the past few days and the fishing was fantastic ,the mackerel are in the thousands at peel island on the eastern side of the lazaret lots of small ones and lots of bonito till the run in the tide starts and then the big schoolies wake up and its on for young and old,did not pick up any all the way out so they seem to have moved into the bay ,the whiting are very slow with these tides at amity banks but seem to have come on in the small boat channel and the rous ,and the squire /snapper are really starting to hit there straps with some nice fish at the mt cotton reach in the rous and also green, fished green and i was lucky to pick up some nice ones with the run in tide in the afternoon on small whole whiting.not my favourite tide but with the northerly and incoming tide it was lots of fun.
the cuttlefish and arrows are in good numbers in the 23 to 30 ft mark east of wellington point green and st helena ..just drift with a ball sinker on top of the jig drop to bottom and lift up a foot or so..

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