Report Wed 2nd Aug 06

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Report Wed 2nd Aug 06

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 03, 2006 6:21 am

I fished Peel in the middle of last week with plastics and caught quite a few squire with several legal specimens but nothing worthy of note. I also spent half an hour at Bird and Goat Islands as I had received several reliable reports from there of squid being caught. We tried several spots but could not even entice a follow, which was quite unusual.

Reports of mackerel are again filtering in from the Rous Channel area, with anglers drifting pillies and trolling spoons behind paravanes being successful. Many of the school mackerel have been in the 2kg to 3kg bracket, which are decent fish. A few tailor and Watson’s bonito are also taking a liking to drifted pillies in this area.

The shallows around Mud and St. Helena have reportedly been worth a try for squid with several quality specimens being caught. The higher stages of the tide have supposedly been the best time.

Quite a few school mackerel and tailor have been caught around Mud but most have been under the legal size. The snapper fishing has been a little hot and cold of late, but several 80cm plus specimens have been reported, mainly by anglers fishing plastics. The late afternoon tides seem to be better than the morning tides. Both the rising and falling tides have been worth a try.

Scarborough Reef has again produced some quality fish for anglers casting plastics on the rising tide. Snapper and bream have made up the bulk of the catch but morwong, sweetlip, flathead, cod and several other species have been encountered as well. Good quality fresh baits have been great, especially for anglers fishing the evening rising tide.

A few school mackerel have been caught early morning by anglers fishing from the Redcliffe Jetty. Pillies drifted under floats have been popular.

The Wynnum Manly rock walls have fished well lately with quality bream, flathead and tailor being caught. An occasional legal school mackerel is also about. A few squid have been taken as well.

Boat Passage (Fishermans Island) has produced a few luderick for anglers fishing weed. This can often be gathered from jetty pylons, floating pontoons and other structures in the water.

Jumpinpin has produced a lot of school flathead and bream over recent weeks with a few decent tailor thrown in as well. A broad array of areas have been productive, and anglers are finding the action has been best on the rising tide.

The same can be said for most major rivers and estuary systems throughout the region. Bream and flathead feature highly in anglers catch logs, but tailor, whiting, school jew and trevally have also been consistent.

May your bait be nervous

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