Report Thur 10th Aug 06

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Report Thur 10th Aug 06

Post by Brad » Sat Aug 12, 2006 5:31 am

Not much has changed since last week, with few reports, due to strong winds and generally unfavourable conditions. Anglers venturing out very early in the morning have been getting reasonable numbers of snapper around the bay islands with many of them coming on soft plastics. Whilst Peel has been producing the better numbers of fish, Mud has definitely been producing the better quality, with a few specimens around the 5kg mark being taken. The water clarity has still been a little too good for great fishing, with several metres of visibility making the fish a little spooky when the sun is high in the sky. For this reason, the faster stages of the tidal flow have fished best.

The front of St. Helena and Green have been fishing well also and they probably receive a lot less fishing pressure than Mud and Peel most of the time. The structure is not so defined but there is definitely some good fish holding structure to be found with the use of a good sounder.

There have been a few more reports of mackerel in the Rous during the week, which leads me to believe that there will also be mackerel in the northern bay around the Western Rocks, Yule Bank and North-East Channel in from the Hixson Banks. These are spots that are often bypassed as anglers head for other waters.

If there are a few school mackerel knocking around the northern bay then there should also be a few cobia to be caught around the beacons, prominent ledges and rubble grounds. I know I will be giving it a crack next time I am out on the water.

A few longtails have been along the front of Bribie during the week. They have been in close to the shore dump feeding on small bait, mainly early morning. Chopper tailor have also been around in small schools between the 2nd and 4th lagoon, late in the afternoon.

Tailor have also been caught in reasonable numbers along the Redcliffe Peninsula, with anglers soaking baits of pillies and frogmouths in the evenings doing reasonably well at times. Some quality bream have been amongst them as well, especially around Scott’s Point.

The report from Jumpinpin has not changed much, with a few tailor to be caught around the bar at times and decent bream in a host of locations including the Pig Sties and Kalinga Bank for the bait fishermen. Some good quality bream to over 40cm have been caught by anglers casting plastics around the weed beds targeting flathead. Most banks and prominent gutters have held numbers of school flathead, which can be targeted with plastics, trolled minnow lures or drifted whole fish baits.

A few decent tailor have been taken by anglers targeting mackerel on pillies in the top of the Rous Channel and also around Peel.

Reports of squid have been filtering in with anglers having success around the south-eastern corner of St. Helena, the weed beds at the back of Peel and Goat Island and The Timbers at Moreton. Most of the jetties around the place have also been worth a try at night.

May your bait be nervous

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