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Report 7/4/19

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:10 am
by Nicole Penfold
April fools day has come and gone and the weather has finally settled and if we go on previous years the fishing should continue as good as it has been all year,the weather on the week end was fantastic with lots of boats out and the southern bay produced plenty of excellent size whiting on the legal side of amity banks and in the small boat passage and the rous,lots of boats saying hard to get but remember these small tides there is not much run for a long time so as the tide slows so does the bite,you need too give the boat a push or cast and retrieve slowly rather then waiting for the drift ,to make the whiting chase.

The school mackerel are starting to increase in size and closer in plenty around the hope banks and plenty on the north eastern side of the chain banks on harries artificial side ,tuna schools were working on the week end and some nice ones caught ,sometimes it took one cast and other time 100 thats tuna fishing in the bay,34 gm chrome slugs work the best ,lets hope the spotty numbers increase over the next few weeks as i dont think 3 from last week constitute them being in the bay..we can only hope but not holding my breath.

Reef fishing was a little slow with plenty of small bull sharks and cat fish flushed out of the rivers and making a mess of the baits while fishing for reef fish in the shallow reefs,if you are getting big hits and not hooking up its not you its the cat fish.


Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 2:40 pm
by Laney
Some spotties in Northern bay.
Managed to pick one up on a floating pillie north of pearl channel.

Indeed Sunday was a cracker day.

Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 6:56 pm
by sperok
Nice couple of days a little breezy this afternoon but nice and calm early in the morning not my favourite tide for squire fishing but tide and wind in the same direction made it a little easier managed one nice squire and dropped a couple ,thats what happens when you go in to put the kettle on,it was also the perfect time to see if the squid were back at green and the with an incomming tide and a northerly i could take the boat in 3 ft of water and drift in the direction without worrying about getting stuck in the shallows(which has happened ) and there were plenty of squid schools in groups of 4 to 6 a little spooky in the real shallow water but aggresive as you dropped in the deeper water.lots of fun and did not get inked which was good news.
A little work on the old girl in the next few days as it looks like a little breezy.
Plenty of big theadfin in the mouth of the brisbane river on whole live herring and the whiting have started to improve a little in the small boat channel but only in small pockets but still in good numbers and quality on the legal size of the amity banks,with plenty of squid swimming around.

IMG_20190409_101400 (2).jpg

Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:52 pm
by sperok
Thats good news regarding spottys,hope the winds ease so we can get up there from the southern bay,managed a couple of hours today as i wanted to fish the outgoing tide with the south westerly got 5 nice fish sweetlip a squire and a big bream at green island but the south westerly went to southerly and it became not very comfortable at least got the boat out for a run..maybe winds will ease early next week lets hope so.


Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:49 pm
by sperok
firstly thank you to all the diggers .they made this country so special ...
after watching the dawn service and sharing a tear we decided on a fishing day on the bay,and the mackerel were everywhere plenty of fish even the little sharks were taking the spoons and fun for all and the whiting were of really good quality at the amity banks and some nice tiger squid swimming around ,the only problem were the 10 to15 lb sea toads scared the crap out of the squid and attacked our squid jigs,and with the weather looking pretty good over the next day of so there should be plenty of fresh fish on the plates.
some good work is being done for the bay here is some info if you can get involved..

A Fishing Competition with a difference!

This May will see the 2019 OzFish Unlimited Wynnum Fishing Classic come to the bay. It is the only competition of its kind for Moreton Bay with all proceeds from the event being directly invested back into the region to support habitat restoration and in turn, raise fish populations in the Bay.

“Current shellfish reef numbers in Moreton Bay are down to an alarming 2% of historical levels and our group want to help fix that and improve our fishery” said Robbie Porter, President of the OzFish Unlimited Moreton Bay Chapter.
In keeping with the sustainable fishing theme and the raising of fish stocks, the competition will be ‘catch and release’ with the winners being judged by photograph. Prizes will be awarded to both junior and senior competitors for longest Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Snapper, Mulloway and Threadfin Salmon as well as a combined length champion prize.

Australian-owned outdoor supply company, BCF, is the official major partner for OzFish Unlimited nationally and is proud to be sponsoring an event that not only provides the Labour Day long weekend out on the water but will also go a long way to support the future of recreational fishing in the Bay.

“We are just a bunch of fishers who love the Bay and love fishing. We are keen to do what we can to improve our backyard and ensure its enjoyment for generations to come”, said Mr Porter.

The Competition is on over the Labour Day weekend. It runs from 4pm Friday, 3rd May through to 2pm Monday, 6th May.

Entrants will have the chance to win an array of exciting prizes, including two boat packages donated to the event by co-sponsor Bluefin Boats. The senior prize is a Bluefin 4.2m Rogue on registered trailer and the junior prize is a Bluefin 3.0m Catfish. Both boats powered by Parsun Engines.

Festival and Photo Entry Submission starts at 10am Monday, 6th May at George Clayton Park, Manly Foreshore with food, drinks and festivities running till 5pm.
This year we are hosting the Wynnum Seafood Festival at the weigh in. You can have a great meal by the bay and have a beer if you like while you pick up your prizes. There are rides, games, live music, raffles and so much more. All proceeds go to restoring shellfish reef levels in Moreton Bay.
For tickets, rules and more information please go to
Event media contact:
Robbie Porter
M: 0418 723 731

Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:43 pm
by sperok
nice days on the bay with winds easing completely on friday afternoon ,plenty of fish around with lots of schoolies on the western side of the hope banks and a couple of km in front of the huybers light with the outgoing tide in the mornings but small sharks were a real problem ,i anchored up thinking we would catch some schoolies on pillies and hooked 7 sharks in a row so it was back to trolling,there were plenty at the spoiled ground north of harries artificial reef and some nice squire on the bottom as well.a friend reported lots of bonito at shark spit .
the tiger squid were plentiful at the amity banks and at green island and the whiting at the amity banks were good quality but the quantity was not great wind against tide with very small tides does not help.but managed plenty for a good feed.
a few boats came past to let us know plenty of whiting opposite the fishermans gutter entrance.


Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 8:27 am
by sperok
Whiting have slowed down quiet a bit over the last month but reading past few years reports its normal this time of year and as mentioned
enough for a good feed and very good quality we managed a couple of dozen at the amity banks entering from the rous side and there were plenty of big squid in the same area,the schoolies were a little slow in the morning but picked up a couple with the outgoing tide on the way home,some nice sweetlip and big flathead on the eastern side of green island and i think it might be time to start looking for some cuttlefish as its about the time they start showing up in the deeper water.

Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 6:06 pm
by sperok
Great few days on the bay lots of boats out on labour day but not many out today,the fishing was great depending on what you wanted for dinner,the school mackerel were on yesterday afternoon and this morning they were big buggers early morning start of incomming tide as the sun came up,but you had to fight of the bonito as there were plenty of them around they were hitiing in doubles but managed 5 nice bif schoolies but not around the hope banks closer in between the hyubers and the deep trench before the shallow hope banks.

the squire and sweetlip were ok but lots of bream cleaning the baits in a hurry but managed some nice fish.

The sharks have become a problem lost one diving board and got the other to see the tooth marks on ,the other day i anchored up to get some schoolies and there were up to half a dozen sharks eating all the burly and the pillies.

the whiting are not thick in the rous and small boat passage or amity banks but if you put the time in you can get a couple of dozen good quality fish,and the benefit is the big tiger squid hanging around.

The squid were very skitish at green today had 4 come up for a look but no takers and the cuttlefish in the deeper water wide of green were not thick i put in half hour for two small ones as the temp drops they should get better.


Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 9:27 am
by stanau
Hi Up and down prawning season more Down WoW what a great fishing report Sperok see you out there and thanks cheers stanau :lol:

Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 2:15 pm
by sperok
Winds look like they might be ok for a fish ,whiting are plentiful in fishermans gutter and the amity banks and the school mackerel seemed to have gone towards peel so worth a troll or a drift with some pillies on the drop off at amity banks,also some nice fish caught in the deeper water at the rous channel between the entrance to fishermans gutter and the yellow opposite,,..

Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 10:50 am
by sperok
Weather not the greatest wind gusts with pouring down rain was not much fun but the fact that the very large school mackerel and first broad for the season came aboard was well worth it,the other problem were the small sharks my god they were thick two at a time ,which made it hard to catch a mackerel even got two sharks on the trolling spoons .winds look better for the week so i think its a good time for a mackerel fish apart from close area between hyubers and the trench before the hope banks the two greens heading towards peel had plenty and so did the basin infront of the lazaret,rous channel between the fishermans gutter entrance and the yellow opposite also had schoolies going around,and last week plenty were caught in the spoil ground north of harries .so trolling or using spoons no reason not to get a feed of mackerel and there are plenty of bonito in the same areas. The mackerel are currently eating razor pillies.


Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 3:25 pm
by sperok
The last two days was nice on the bay wednesday ok on and off with small scuds coming thru which made it uncomfortable .the whiting were of great quality at amity banks ,in deeper water at low tide but once the tide started running they were on.
no squid to be seen
The mackerel are still around but again the sharks are really becoming a pain you cant put a pilly down and caught two on spoons again so till they go somewhere else i think this is going too be a problem. The mackerel are currently eating razor pillies.
the spoiled ground north east of harries is producing some nice big squire and schoolies on the bottom ,well worth a try at least no sharks.
a few nice squire and a nice cod at the lazaret but lots of undersize squire were cleaning up the baits ,but thats good for the bay seeing all these little ones around,the week end is looking good according to the long range forecast so hope you can get out there for a fresh feed.


Re: Report 7/4/19

Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 10:59 am
by sperok
If you are over towards peel island plenty of schoolie eastern side of the lazarette in the channel.and also just got told plenty on the yellow at mud island