Report Sun 27th Aug 06

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Report Sun 27th Aug 06

Post by Brad » Mon Aug 28, 2006 6:27 am

Fishing is slowing from the snapper and pearly bonanza of midwinter. These species are still being caught but are nowhere as abundant as the water temperatures rapidly rise with the northerly influence. Juvenile red emperor, small yellow tail king and other oddities are appearing more regularly on lines. Cobia are still being hammered at Western Rocks and the northern reaches of Wide Caloundra.

We had our first troll this week and caught a good number of mac tuna to 7 kg. Sharks were a problem. Whales were everywhere on the shallow grounds, making for a spectacular back drop to the screaming reels.
The Moreton Bay Access Alliance has organized a boat rally to visit Alice St in the city this Saturday. I would urge all fishermen to take a day off fishing to show all politicians that fishermen are now ready to come out of the shadows. Green groups have taken up the American political style of lobbying (whinging loudly) to achieve their goals. While we would all rather be fishing, the only way to combat the squeaking wheel is to make more noise ourselves. I know it is un-Australian to be a whiner. Unfortunately, politicians are not listening to quiet reasoned arguments.

The more fishermen whinge, I mean lobby, the stronger our position will be. And the more fishermen whining also strengthens our position. Sad, isn’t it? But it is now a fact of life that our whining must equal or exceed Green whining for us to maintain our fishery. Science, facts or fairness no longer count in the current Australian political climate. I’d rather be fishing, but until the Moreton Bay Maine Park review is finalized in 18 months time, I will be whining loud and long. I hope you will be too.

Regards Keith

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Girls catch snapper too
Solid mac tuna trolled on the shallow reefs. How much longer will we be able to fish there?

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