Report Wed 4th Oct 06

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Report Wed 4th Oct 06

Post by Brad » Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:42 am

Once again this week I’ve been away fishing the waters further north. Although I have been in Townsville and Lucinda this week I’ve not fitted in a lot of fishing due to the strong winds we have been having up here.

In the bay, the fishing has been fairly good according to the many emails and phone calls I have received.

Good snapper are still being caught on soft plastics around the bay islands with several nice reds to 6kg being caught by anglers fishing late at night, as the nearly full moon gets high in the sky. Some anglers have even received good results while trolling minnow lures around the shallows at Mud Island. Mann’s Stretch 10 plus have been one of the productive ones with the grey ghost colour working well for at least one angler.

Live baiting the beacons in the northern bay has produced a few decent cobia as well as an occasional trevally and longtail tuna. Yakkas, and occasionally slimy mackerel, can be caught on bait jigs around the beacons. If you don’t get success, try putting a little bit of bait on each hook of the bait jig.

The reefs out the front of Scarborough have fished fairly well for some anglers casting plastics and fishing lightly weighted fresh baits. Anglers fishing at night have been getting the better results but you will need to be very quiet in such shallow water.

Good numbers of flathead have been caught around the banks down towards the mouth of Jumpinpin. Areas such as Gold Bank, Whalleys Gutter, Kalinga Bank, McKenzies Channel and around Crusoe Island have produced plenty of school flathead to 50cm, as well as an occasional larger fish. The biggest reported was an 88cm female, which was quickly released after being caught on a jigged soft plastic along Kalinga Bank.

Mangrove jacks have been caught in many of the canal systems as well as some creeks. A few were taken in the Raby Bay canals early last week by an angler soaking small live poddy mullet in some of the deeper holes. He caught three for the night, which measured in at 36cm, 40cm and 45cm. All were released, as well as a trevally, an estuary cod and three pike eels.

There are still scattered reports of school mackerel coming in, mainly from anglers soaking baits of pillies around the bay islands or in the top end of the Rous Channel. An occasional school mackerel has been caught by anglers jigging with chrome slugs around the beacons in the northern bay.

May your bait be nervous.

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