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Report Sun 22nd Oct 06

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 6:42 am
by Brad
With a strong northerly influence before the Sunday change reef fishing was always going to be a struggle this weekend. Pearlies to 51 cm were landed on Friday, along with snapper, kingies and some of the largest black spot wrasse to 3lb we have ever caught. Lots of undersized fish were also plaguing our baits. Saturday, before the strong Southerly change, was a battle, with fish of any size or species having lock-jaw. The classic catch was a 4 kg catfish east of Hutchies. I have caught plenty of these in the Pine River but I don’t expect to burn $500 worth of diesel to catch these mongrels at my favourite offshore grounds.

When a north-wester is blowing I usually target black spot wrasse in depths from 80m to 110m. This species will continue to bite while pearlies and snapper shut down. You can tell it will be slow when Sergeant Baker make up a fair percentage of your catch and you drop on wrecks in 100m to 150 m and snag up. When a north wester is blowing it’s time to go to Morgan’s and buy fish and chips on the way home!

The Queensland East Coast Inshore Fin Fishery is up for review. The documents are available by calling 13 25 23. Why bother? Because there is a section in the document entitled: “Fishing Closures- The Facts.” “Closures are a simple and effective way to protect spawning fish, allocate fisheries resources and conserve target fish stocks.” My main question is: “Allocate fisheries resources to whom?” Green closures?

Guys, I need a bit of feedback. I usually divide my report into a starter on what’s biting where and conclude with a tankful of facts and vitriol on the political state of our local fishery. Do you want me to continue to report on fishing politics, or would you prefer me to stick to the fish I have landed this week? I think that the access to our fishery is vitally important, but if I am wasting my time and yours please use the feedback mechanisms available so I can stick to the good news sections only.

Regards Keith

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Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 5:32 am
by Guest
Hi Keith,

I would say Yes keep reporting on fishing politics. Its about the only way we would find out about what is happening.

Thanks for the weekly reports.