Report Wed 1st Nov 06

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Report Wed 1st Nov 06

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 02, 2006 4:32 am

Due to windy conditions yet again this weekend, few reports have come in from anglers fishing the bay. Most of the estuaries have been fishing quite well with whiting, bream and flathead making up a lot of the catch.

Some quality whiting were taken at the Avon Wreck, mouth of Elimbah Creek and The W’s by anglers with live bloodworms for bait. Flathead, bream and rays were also numerous at times. The weed beds near The W’s also produced some quality bream for anglers fishing yabbies and small minnow lures amongst the eel-grass.

The report from the Pine River is similar with a few quality bream and flathead taken in the deeper channels adjacent the banks near the mouth. Even those anglers fishing from land-based locations such as Deepwater Bend, Hornibrook Bridge and Dohles Rocks have recorded good catches at times. Fresh baits are the key to quality fish most of the time, however soft plastics have also worked well on occasion. A 78cm flathead was caught and released at the mouth of Hayes Inlet just up from the bridge by an angler casting soft plastics around the bottom of the tide.

Reports of school mackerel are still filtering in from those anglers in the bay who are floating pillies out the back of the boat. The Brisbane River Shipping Channel beacons have been one successful spot, however around any of the bay islands has also been worth the effort. An occasional quality snapper and big estuary cod has also fallen for these lightly weighted baits on the ebb tide.

Crabs are being caught in reasonable numbers by anglers setting pots around the bay island contours. Sand crabs have been the main species caught here but anglers setting pots around the mouth of the Brisbane River have also been rewarded with the occasional muddie.

Good numbers of big pike have been caught by anglers casting some plastics around the edges of the reef at Peel Island. A few decent squire have been caught as well as sweetlip, parrot, morwong and the occasional school mackerel.

The top end of the Rous Channel has produced a few school mackerel for anglers drifting pillies on the rising tide. An occasional large tailor like the 2.8kg specimen one angler caught on a trolled spoon, are always welcome by-catch.

Whiting have been reasonably abundant on most of the banks in the bay but the quality has been lacking a little.

An occasional school of pelagics has been sighted throughout the bay with some anglers managing to achieve hook-ups on small chrome slugs retrieved flat out through the school. Mack tuna have made up the majority of the catch but an occasional mackerel and longtail have also been caught.

May your bait be nervous.

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