Report Wed 15th Nov 06

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Report Wed 15th Nov 06

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 16, 2006 7:08 am

Reports of pelagic activity have been coming in regularly this week with mackerel being the main species targeted. Most anglers have only been catching school mackerel but an occasional spottie has also graced the ice-box.

Jigging the beacons in the northern bay with chrome slugs and slices has been popular for school mackerel. Many anglers are finding they are being bitten off as their offering sinks but adding a little wire to the rig virtually eliminates all hits, so most have had to grin and bear it if they want to catch fish. An occasional small yellowtail kingie has also been around the beacons as well. One angler reported hooking a Spanish mackerel around 8kg on a beacon off Bribie but he eventually lost it.

A few schools of mackerel have been located in the Pearl Channel, Spitfire Channel and various sections of the Shipping Channel.

Mack tuna and bonito have been located around the South Passage Bar on the rising tide and a few longtails have been breaking the surface in the late afternoon and early morning on the western side of Peel Island.

Whiting reports are still filtering in from most of the banks and shallow channels in the bay. A few good catches were made in the Browns Gutter Area and out from the Little Sand Hills.

A good cobia of 27kg was caught on a live whiptail at the Four Beacons one night last week but the sharks were also on the job.

Whaler sharks are starting to show up in numbers from all corners of the bay. A few big bull sharks were caught in the Rainbow Channel during the week, with the largest around 120kg or a little over eight feet in length.

A few hammerheads are always encountered at this time of the year, with specimens over 200kg being caught, even from the western facing beaches of Moreton Island, by keen land-based shark fishermen.

Most estuaries are still producing a few bream, flathead and whiting for those who put in the effort. After the little bit of rain we received, it has been a little easier to get a few prawns for bait if you have a cast net.

An occasional threadfin report has come in from the Brisbane River but the details have always been a little vague.

Jacks have been encountered by anglers targeting them in the estuaries with live baits, small minnow lures and soft plastics. Trevally, estuary cod and a few other species have generally been welcome by-catch.

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