Report Wed 22nd Nov 06

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Report Wed 22nd Nov 06

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 23, 2006 5:03 am

I had a very enjoyable day on the water last Wednesday as the weather was good until about midday, allowing me to travel from Scarborough to Western Rocks and back again later with barely a ripple on the water. It was one of those days when you were extremely happy just to be on the water. I went to Western Rocks to target cobia, although the tides were really too small for my liking, especially with such good water clarity.

Soon after I started berleying with cut pilchards, a few school mackerel moved in. The pilchards I had were barely good enough for berley and I would not have considered using them for anything else as they were freezer burnt, shrivelled up and had been defrosted at least three times before. I picked through them and found a couple that at least had the majority of their skin and guts intact and put one on my pivoting gang hook rig on 4kg mono. The result at the end of this session was three school mackerel landed between 2.6kg and 3.2kg and another six lost due to being bitten off or pulling the hooks. The cobia were, as expected, extremely quiet but I at least had a feed for my two hours of effort. I also tagged a nice little Maori cod of 42cm.

On the way back to Scarborough I stopped at one of the beacons as I passed and managed to jig up another two school mackerel of around 1.5kg each, got bitten off on the drop a few times and pulled hooks on two fish. Three other anglers were jigging the same beacon and didn’t do any good whilst I was there as they were just not winding fast enough and had slow retrieve reels to start with. You cannot wind too fast for mackerel and should use a reel with at least a metre of line returned to the spool per turn of the handle. I use a Daiwa Emblem Pro, which returns 122cm of line per turn of the handle. When cranked flat chat this is still not fast enough at times.

I also saw a little surface disturbance near the Spitfire Channel and had one cast for a hook-up on a longtail of around 8kg. Unfortunately the hooks pulled just as the fish got close enough for my mouth to start watering, as I thought about the pending sashimi for dinner. I had fresh mackerel fillets instead and then made Thai fishcakes out of the rest of it.

Local land-based legend, Kevin Catchem Bevis, cast a few soft plastics from the Manly Rock wall last Sunday and managed a 38cm and 42cm squire. The plastics were nothing special but the snapper were in close and obviously hungry.

The crabs, both sand and mud, have been a little hot and cold of late, with some anglers hitting the jackpot and others returning home empty handed.

Whiting, bream and flathead are being caught with regularity throughout all estuary systems, with definitely enough about to score a feed for a few hours fishing with quality fresh baits.

School Jew have been fairly numerous around the mouth of the Logan River, in the deep hole, but most have been undersize. The Logan has also produced quite a few bull sharks over recent weeks with anglers finding them in plague proportions at times. A bait barely hits the water before being engulfed by these aggressive predators.

Reports of surface action have filtered in from all corners of the bay with some anglers finding the fish obliging and others getting frustrated at their lack of willingness to look at anything thrown at them. Good whiting are still being caught in the bay at times, mainly on the shallower banks and adjacent channels.

School mackerel have been caught in the upper Rous Channel, and along the edges of the Rainbow Channel and Naval Reserve Banks, mainly on trolled spoons or drifted pillies. Fishing around the bay islands with plastics is still productive for quality snapper and sweetlip at times. Estuary cod, Jew, parrot and other species can also be taken.

May your bait be nervous.

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