Report Fri 29th Dec 06

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Report Fri 29th Dec 06

Post by Brad » Sun Dec 31, 2006 6:32 am

Hopefully, all you keen anglers managed to get out onto the water and catch a few fish over your holiday period. I have been at work listening to everyone else’s fishing stories, which is hard to put up with at times. I will be out and about on the briny blue next week though.

Reports of spotted mackerel have been fairly consistent with anglers finding the odd fish here, there and everywhere. Most have been in small schools of less than ten fish and if you are lucky you might get a cast in before they disappear. Some anglers have had better success floating out pillies around the bay islands, Measured Mile and northern beacons.

There has been plenty of pelagic action in the northern bay, mainly from tuna species such as mack, frigate and longtail. A few bonito have been caught around Comboyuro and the Benowa Track Reef. Most of the tuna have been caught on small, chromed slugs when anglers are lucky enough to get within cooee of them.

Some quite large longtails have been working the Pearl Channel area and a few have been caught on high-speed Fat R style poppers. Live baiting the general area where large fish are sighted will probably work well if you would like to catch a sushi torpedo in the 15kg to 30kg bracket.

Jigging the beacons in the northern bay with chrome slugs may produce the occasional school mackerel but most beacons have been flogged to death over the last few weeks.

If you can get offshore, then trolling areas such as The Trench, Flinders Reef and Hutchinson Shoals will put you in with a good chance of landing a wahoo, yellowfin, dolphinfish or black marlin.

The area out from Point Lookout has also been worth a try with trolled lures as all these pelagics have been caught there of late.

With the recent rains the estuaries may be a little quiet for a few weeks as far as fish go but the crabbing should be fairly good. Setting a few pots in the deeper holes at the mouths of the creeks will put you in with a good chance of obtaining a tasty feed. The least accessible areas are more likely to produce results than that spot close to the boat ramp.

Sand crabs have been very light on over recent weeks with most struggling to get a feed out of a few pots set overnight.

The canal areas would still be worth live baiting as jacks, estuary cod and other species should still be on the chew. A night session on a rising tide is your best bet.

Snapper are still being caught on soft plastics around the reefy sections and rubble grounds of the bay islands, and off Scarborough. Early morning, late afternoon and night seems to be the best but the recent overcast days have also seen some good action during the day.

A few squid have been caught in the early morning around the eastern side of Peel, and the weed bed areas around Goat and Bird islands. Small size 2 and 2.5 squid jigs have been the best bet with natural colours working well due to the good water clarity.

An occasional decent tailor is being caught around the Jumpinpin Bar area during the rising tide on drifted pillies. A few good flathead have also been taken with this technique in the channel between the bar and Kalinga Bank. Also expect an occasional trevally,

May your bait be nervous.

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