Report Fri 12th Jan 07

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Report Fri 12th Jan 07

Post by Brad » Sat Jan 13, 2007 3:23 am

I didn’t manage to get out onto the bay this week and instead headed out from the Gold Coast Seaway to have a look around. I trolled lures mainly in the area between the 24 fathom and 36 fathom depths east of the Seaway and managed to raise a small black marlin but couldn’t get a hook-up even though it hit at the lure five or six times. I had a double hook-up and dropped one fish but boated a 7kg wahoo which was put on ice for dinner. I decided to troll home from the 36s to the 24s but within a kilometre I had a screaming run on my long outfit and Pakula Evil Mosquito which unloaded around 250m of 8kg pretest before I could wind in the other rod, downrigger and mirror teaser. The joys of fishing solo. After around twenty minutes I had 160cms of wahoo on the gaff, which later weighed 21kg, my personal best.

There are still a few pencil squid in the Rous and Rainbow channels but they seem to be easier to catch on a squid jag baited with a whole pillie than the conventional artificial prawn type lures. A few spotted mackerel have been taken in these reaches on No.3 Halco Barra Drone spoons trolled behind a downrigger or planning board.

Sand crabs have slowly started to improve in the bay with anglers getting a decent feed at times by setting a few pots along the contours around the bay islands. Mud crabs have been good in many of the rivers and creeks with some nice ones taken in the Brisbane River. I even know one guy who set a few pots while he watched the New Years Eve fireworks and was rewarded with four legal bucks.

The estuaries have been a little hot and cold but the larger tides seem to produce the best fishing. Good numbers of flathead have been caught by knowledgeable anglers with some getting over twenty for a few hours of trolling and casting.

An occasional decent school of longtails has been sighted in the Pearl Channel and along the front of Bribie. If you can get close enough for a cast then the next hurdle is finding something they will eat.

Spotties have been scattered throughout the bay but anglers are finding that they are not busting the surface very often. Most have been caught on trolled lures or drifted pillies.

There are still a few good snapper coming from around the bay islands and along other areas of prominent structure by anglers with soft plastics.

Good numbers of whiting are coming from the Little Sandhills and other banks areas in the bay. The quality has been a little low at times though.

May your bait be nervous.

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