Report Wed 24th Jan 07

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Report Wed 24th Jan 07

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 25, 2007 7:37 am

Reports of spotted and school mackerel are still filtering in from all corners of the bay with anglers catching them on pilchards, chrome slugs and occasionally trolled lures. Try areas such as The Sandhills, Rous Channel, Rainbow Channel, Measured Mile, Greasy Hole, Shipping Channels, Pearl Channel, back of Peel Island and around the bay islands. The weather has been consistently windy in the afternoons, so early morning trips are your best option. Go pre-dawn and expect to be off the water by 10am or you may have a bumpy and wet ride home, especially in craft under 5m in length.

Whiting have consistently been caught around the shallow banks with the Redcliffe area being a good option for land-based anglers in the early mornings. A few flathead and the occasional bream have also been caught in the shallow water on baits of worms, squid strips and raw chicken fillet.

The shallow reefs and rubble grounds around the bay islands and off Scarborough have been fishing alright for snapper and a mix of other species for the anglers with soft plastics and well presented fresh baits. A few decent snapper around the 3kg mark were caught at the houseboat wreck off Peel during the night recently by an angler with fresh slimey mackerel fillets.

A few squid are still being caught in the Rainbow and Rous channels by anglers with pillies on squid jags.

Flathead have been around in reasonable numbers in the estuaries and anglers have been catching them on drifted baits and small lures trolled along the edges of the banks on a receding tide.

Schools of small tunas and the occasional large longtail have been located in various areas around the bay, similar to those mentioned for the spotted and school mackerel. They have been fairly fussy most of the time and a little harder to approach than the mackerel.

Sharks have been around in good numbers with the areas around the bay islands producing good numbers of small whaler sharks to 15kg and the occasional larger specimen. A tiger shark of around 2m was caught just off Mud Island about a week ago and was tagged and released.

If you are after larger sharks then fish deeper water during the day, as they feel less conspicuous in the depths than the shallows. At night though, large sharks can be hooked in as little as a few feet of water at times. Try berleying with chunks of fish for the larger sharks, as well as the usual tuna oil berley trail. Drifting baits seems a better option than anchoring, especially for the smaller whalers and hammerheads. Baits of whole fish such as slimeys, gar and mullet are good offerings when drifted on a snelled hook rig and plastic coated wire. The spoil grounds out the front of St.Helena and Cleveland and to the side of Mud Island are good places to start. Early morning and late afternoon are definitely the times when the sharks are more active. Land-based anglers can try off any of the jetties, with the best results coming at night.

Mud crabs are still around in reasonable numbers in the creeks and a few sandies are making the effort worthwhile for those with pots set around the bay island contours.

The humid afternoons and nights are good times to be trying for a few jacks around prominent structure. Live baits are best, especially in the canal systems but a variety of artificial offerings will also produce results in experienced hands.

May your bait be nervous.

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