Report Thur 1st Feb 07

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Report Thur 1st Feb 07

Post by Brad » Sun Feb 04, 2007 7:54 am

Not much has changed since last week with small amounts of spotted and school mackerel being found in all corners of the bay where they can be targeted with high-speed metal lures or drifted pillies.

Anglers soaking pillies off the wall at Amity have been getting an occasional school and spotted mackerel. A few school mackerel have also been taken from the Redcliffe Jetty and the rock wall at Manly Harbour, mainly on early morning high tides.

The jetty at Woody Point has been closed for a few weeks now and anglers in the area have had to find other land-based locations such as the Hornibrook Bridge and the various rock areas such as Scott’s Point. These locales have produced a mixed bag at times with bream, whiting, flathead, estuary cod, longtom, tailor and small trevally all being possibilities.

Many anglers have been wading the shallow banks on the southern side of the Hornibrook, towards the top of the tide, as they target whiting and flathead. Most have been using baits but if you were mainly targeting flathead then you could also use soft plastics with good results. I have done this many times and have always caught a few decent flatties for my efforts. If you are wading, then make sure you use good footwear as there are plenty of stonefish in the area. Waders or a stinger suit are also desirable as bluebottles can also prominent at times, especially after strong winds.

There have been some excellent jacks caught in the canals, with the Newport Waterways producing a 58cm and 59cm jack in recent weeks. There have probably been plenty of others also with most anglers choosing to catch and release them. I have personally seen jacks to 63cm caught in this system and there are probably bigger specimens around also. Most of the canal systems should provide action like this and it is definitely worth being on the water when the barometer is rising on the build up to a storm, as the jacks are very aggressive at this time. Both lures and live baits can be used with good results on jacks, estuary cod, trevally, flathead and other species.

A few longtails were caught on fly close to the breakers between 2nd and 4th lagoon out the front of Bribie Island during the week. Early morning is when the longtails are most likely to be in this close.

The lower sections of the Brisbane River around Clara’s Rocks produced a few snapper for anglers with soft plastics and Jackal Trans Ams last week. Quite a bit of effort has to be put in for each fish though as they are not around in any great numbers.

Plenty of flathead have been caught in the estuaries with the Jumpinpin and Pumicestone Passage areas both producing good results for anglers with baits and lures. The run out tide is the best time to be fishing the gutters and weed beds next to the major sand and mud flats.

Plenty of bull sharks have been caught up in the estuaries by anglers, with one group catching nine from 13 hook-ups in the Caboolture River recently for just a few hours fishing. The Logan River is another where they have been quite thick. Many are just small specimens to about 8kg but there are specimens to almost 100kg and possibly bigger in these systems. The top of the Brisbane River, down from Mount Crosby, is another good spot to try from either and boat or the bank. Live bait is best with mullet or small catfish working well.

May your bait be nervous.

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