Report Wed 7th Feb 07

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Report Wed 7th Feb 07

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 08, 2007 6:28 am

I haven’t been getting a lot of reports in from the bay, which leads me to believe that everyone is trying to keep their success a secret.

The mackerel have been scattered still, but some good schools have been working in the general area between the Four Beacons, Measured Mile and the M8 beacon at times. The afternoon has been best by all accounts and I saw several good schools working the area as I was returning from a trip to Hutchies last week where we caught a few wahoo.

Anglers floating out pillies have been catching a few in all sorts of areas and those going to the effort to run a good berley trail of chopped pilchards have almost guaranteed their success in the better areas. The Rous Channel, around the bay islands, around most of the beacons in the northern bay and along the edges of many of the prominent banks on the run out tide have seen a few good captures reported. Slow trolling pillies along the edges of the sand banks and channels has been a good option with those anglers putting in a bit of effort to rig them being well rewarded. The edges of the naval Reserve Banks, Banana Banks, Yule Bank and Amity banks have been just a few of the productive ones.

The whiting have been fairly consistent, with the Little and Big Sand Hills being popular with anglers on the weekends. The Pelican Banks, Maroom Banks, Browns Gutter and Little Ships Channel are also worth a go. It often pays to get away from the crowd with better numbers of quality whiting for those willing to find new ground. The shallow banks between the mainland and Mud, Green and St. Helena have been worth the effort and are often bypassed by anglers looking for greener pasture.

Shore based anglers around the Redcliffe Peninsula have been catching reasonable numbers of flathead as well as a few whiting, bream, estuary cod and other species while fishing fresh baits from the shore, especially during the darkened hours. Many anglers have been looking for other land-based locations now that you cannot access the Woody Point Jetty and many are surprised to find that they are getting good results around areas such as Scotts Point.

The Scarborough reefs have been worth the effort for those with boats. Many are fishing soft plastics with good success on snapper, sweetlip, flathead, bream and a variety of other species.

The mangrove jack population in the canals have been getting worked over by anglers with a variety of artificials. From my reports, the score is around 50/50 on fish successfully landed and lost. Some anglers have been losing a couple of lures per trip with many using the expensive Japanese lures. Whilst these have great finishes and swim well they are up to $30 a throw, which can make for an expensive afternoon. Live baits have been great at night but many anglers can’t be bothered going to the effort to acquire them, not that it is usually that hard.

Plenty of flathead have been around the estuaries with anglers who drift whole fish baits doing well on a falling tide. A few quality bream, whiting and the odd trevally and tailor have also been caught.

Plenty of sharks are being hooked by those anglers using large fish for bait in Moreton Bay, with almost anywhere being a productive spot to set a berley trail. Most of the rivers are also producing a few with live mullet being a prime offering in the top of the Brisbane River just below Mount Crosby, the Logan River, Caboolture River and many others. They can be a lot of fun and are a good option when conditions are too rough out in the bay.

May your bait be nervous.

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