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Report Wed 14th Feb 07

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 15, 2007 6:23 am

Mackerel reports are still prevalent but the locations where they are being caught are scattered throughout the bay. The old saying of “they are where you find them” is a good way to describe where they are being located. Reports have come in from areas such as the Rous Channel, Rainbow Channel, Naval Reserve Banks, Middle Bank, Four Beacons, Measured Mile, Peel Island, Lazaret Gutter, South Passage Bar, Shipping Channel and the list goes on and on. They have been caught on cast and retrieve slugs and plastics, jigged slugs, trolled spoons and small squid skirts, drifted pillies, slow trolled rigged pillies and even on plastics targeted at snapper around the shallow reefs.

A few good hauls of prawns have been taken around the place after the rain and it definitely pays to try some of the usual places. The mouth of the Brisbane River, Colmslie Jetty, Boggy Creek, Caboolture River, Cabbage Tree Creek, Burpengary Creek and the Hornibrook Jetty have been a few of the spots mentioned to me where anglers have had success with the cast net.

I recently heard of another nice salmon around the 10kg mark that was taken in the Brisbane River on a live mullet.

A couple of school Jew around the 5kg mark were caught by an angler fishing live mullet along Kalinga Bank last week when there was a little dirty water around. He also caught a shovelnose of around 25kg, which was released after a 30min fight on 10kg line.

Reasonable numbers of whiting have been caught throughout the bay and although the quality hasn’t been great they are still numerous enough to make getting a feed a serious possibility.

Some big squid have been caught in the Blue Hole off the southern end of Moreton Island. This is a hard spot to get into, even at high tide, but it is quite weedy and produces good whiting, flathead and squid.

Plenty of whaler sharks are being caught in the bay and surrounding rivers. If you put out a decent size whole fish bait such as a mullet or gar and run a bit of a berley oil trail out in the bay, especially around the spoil grounds, then success is almost guaranteed. In the rivers and creeks a live mullet or small live catfish is a good option. I know one angler who went up the Caboolture River a few weeks back to float around a few large live mullet at night to try for a shark but couldn’t entice one. He did however land a 7kg Jew and a 2.6kg mangrove jack to ease his disappointment.

Anglers fishing the Scarborough Reef area with plastics are still catching a few snapper and the occasional quality sweetlip, estuary cod, bream and other species.

Tuna have been showing up at various locales throughout the bay but they have been fairly scattered. The front of Bribie and the Pearl Channel have been two of the better places to look if you are after a quality longtail but you had better have your camo gear on as they have been very spooky.

May your bait be nervous.

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