Report Wed 21st Feb 07

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Report Wed 21st Feb 07

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 22, 2007 4:46 am

Not a lot of reports again this week due to exceptionally poor conditions as a result of the wind and rain squalls (basically the weather has been crap).

A few keen anglers have ventured out early morning and some have been rewarded with a mackerel or two. The Measured Mile has been one spot fairly close to shore where a few have been taken on pillies and other methods. Try jigging the beacons on the way out with chrome slugs.

The estuaries have been fishing reasonably well while the conditions have been lacking offshore. The mud crabs have been fairly consistent for those anglers setting their pots with quality oily baits. A tuna head split up the middle is a great bait that will last a few days in a pot. It exudes plenty of flavour into the water but is hard for the crabs to devour once they get into the pot. Try setting your pots around the deeper holes at the mouths of creeks and along the edges of prominent contour lines.

Anglers fishing live baits around the mouth of the Brisbane River have been rewarded with a few sharks, some of them quality specimens better than six old-fashioned feet. A few have hooked onto unstoppables, which are probably larger sharks or Volkswagen sized stingrays.

A few squire have been taken around Clara’s Rocks of late, mainly on soft plastics drifted with the current. If you are really keen to catch some quality squire then go to the effort to secure some live prawns and drift these close to the bottom with the smallest sinker possible.

Fishing from the Redcliffe Jetty has been worth the effort for those drifting pillies under a float in the early mornings. School mackerel have been the main species caught but an occasional cod, tailor or trevally is also a possibility. One angler caught a quality mangrove jack of 44cm there last week also.

The canals have been the place to be casting plastics with Newport Waterways producing some awesome jacks over recent weeks. Many anglers have been smoked and have the burnt thumbs to prove it. A few estuary cod to 55cm and an occasional trevally and larger bream have also been encountered.

The Jumpinpin area has produced numbers of school flathead and whiting for those fishing quality fresh baits along the edges of the channels around low tide and on top of the flats on the higher stages of the tide. A few school and spotted mackerel have been working down near the bar on the early morning rising tide. Anglers have achieved good results on pillies as well as chrome slugs. A nice 2.3kg tailor was also caught early last week by an angler drifting and jigging plastics aimed at flathead and school jew.

Prawns have been reasonably abundant in the creeks and rivers with most who put in the effort getting a good feed or a great supply of fresh bait.

May your bait be nervous.

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