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Report Mon 5 March

Post by Brad » Mon Mar 05, 2007 10:49 am


Not a lot of reports this week due to pretty ordinary weather with less than favorable winds and occasional showers. Some anglers did manage to venture out for a few hours in the mornings with varied results being achieved.

A lot of the action has been in the southern end of the bay with the Rous Channel, Banana Banks, Naval Reserve Banks, Measured Mile, Lucinda Bay and Rainbow Channel being a few of the productive areas for anglers chasing mackerel. These speedsters have occasional been found feeding on the surface where they can be tempted with high-speed lures such as chrome slices and slugs. If this action is not visible then berleying with cut pieces of pilchard and floating out unweighted pillies is your best bet. Having a sharp eye will also produce opportunities at times. Mackerel, even single fish but more commonly 3 to 5 fish can often be sighted swimming close to the surface as they look for some baitfish to harass. Casting well ahead of them will often get their attention and can turn turn a slow day into a rewarding one. Occasionally one bird may be sighted hovering in the air and looking down into the water. Casting in their direction will often entice a mackerel or tuna into eating your chrome slug or popper.

A few good snapper have been taken on plastics at Peel over the last few weeks with a quality 99cm snapper being caught on a Gulp 5” Minnow in a green/orange colour, the anglers best one to date. I have heard of plenty of snapper to 50cm being caught on both plastics and quality baits. The bait fishermen have definitely been doing best at night and early morning with the results during the day being very limited in general.

A few squid have been caught in the northern end of the Rainbow Channel and the Blue Hole. The weed beds behind Goat Island would also be worth a try.

Prawns have been fairly abundant in most of the larger creek and river systems. Most have been greasy prawns but a few good hauls of banana prawns have also been reported. The Caboolture River, Logan River, Burpengary Creek, Cabbage Tree Creek, Pine River and Brisbane River have been a few of the more productive places.

Trolling and casting lures around the mouths of the creeks and gutters on the falling tide is a good way to entice a few flathead at present. Most have been under 50cm but specimens to 91cm have been reported with some being taken in just a few feet of water where there is a bit of discoloration. Brightly coloured minnow lures and soft plastics seem to be the best bet but casting and slowly retrieving small fish baits such as whitebait, frogmouth pillies, mullet and hardiheads is also a good ploy. Naturally a few bream, large whiting, trevally and other species are also encountered at times.

Estuary anglers drifting pillies and jigging plastics in the Channel between Kalinga Bank and the Jumpinpin Bar whilst targeting flathead and school jew have occasionally been rewarded with a few mackerel, including a 5.2kg specimen which was caught early last week. An occasional trevally to 6kg has also been recorded, especially by those working the early morning rising tides.
A few reasonable snapper were taken at Clara’s Rocks in the Brisbane River on live prawns last weekend. An occasional threadfin should also start to show up now that the prawns are starting to run. Fishing live prawns and mullet will give you the best chance of hooking one of these trophy piscators.

May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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