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Report Thur 8 Mar 07

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 08, 2007 8:51 am

Fishing has again been limited by the weather this week but a few promising reports have filtered in.

Mackerel are still being caught from all corners of the bay but it appears as if you have to be Johnny on the spot if you want to catch surface feeding fish on chrome slugs or fly. Surface action has been very limited a lot of the time but if you keep your eyes peeled then you may see some action. Many anglers are choosing to anchor along the edges of prominent banks or channels and berleying with cut pieces of pillie. They then float out pillies into the berley trail, which has been fairly productive in most cases. Use a ganged hook rig but no wire as hits are virtually non-existent when wire is used. You just have to be prepared to lose a few rigs so have some pre-made to avoid wasting fishing time.

The estuaries have been slow for the usual bread and butter species of bream, flathead and whiting but good numbers of prawns have attracted a few larger species such as school jew, threadfin, trevally and sharks.

Cast netting has been popular amongst those keen on a good feed of prawns as they have been around in both numbers and size. Most of the major creeks have been prawning well with good hauls coming to those willing to put in a few hours of casting.

Plenty of small whaler sharks have been caught around the mouth of the Brisbane River, Logan River and Caboolture River. Baits such as live mullet will almost assure you of a hookup during the darkened hours.

A few good hauls of whiting have been taken in the bay but they have been a little patchy. Most of the usual banks and gutters have produced a few but it is often a case of shifting around a bit until you get onto a patch of fish. Once you catch one you will usually get at least a half dozen before the school moves on. Live worms (both beach and blood) and thin strips of squid have been the undoing of the better specimens. The Berkley worms have also worked well and are handy to have aboard if you like to target whiting.

The jacks have been a little quiet in the canals and creeks but there are still enough around to justify a trip targeting them. Horizon Shores, Newport Waterways, Aquatic Paradise and Raby Bay canals have all produced jacks and estuary cod for anglers with soft plastics or live baits. A few squid have also been around in these canals so throw in a squid jig if heading that way so you can catch some fresh bait or your entrée.

Fishing the shallows around Scarborough and The Hornibrook Bridge during the evening high tides is a good way to catch a few whiting and perhaps a bream or flathead. The secret to a good catch has been quality fresh baits, such as worms, fished with the minimum of weight so the bait can move along with the current.

Casting plastics in these same areas can also be productive with some decent numbers of flathead to be caught if the netters have not been around for a few days.

May your bait be nervous.

Gordon Macdonald.

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