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Report Thursday 5 April

Post by Tony Zann » Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:26 am

I haven’t made it out onto the water since my last trip although the reports filtering in suggest of good opportunities for those anglers who get out on the water over Easter, if the weather permits.

Pelagics such as mackerel, longtail tuna, mack tuna and bonito have been reported from many areas of the bay. Most of the major channels and shipping lanes have been worth a look, with areas such as the Pearl Channel and Rainbow Channel featuring heavily in reports from successful anglers. Mackerel have often been feeding along the edges of prominent banks on the falling tide, with the Naval Reserve Banks, Amity Banks and Middle Bank being a few good areas to check out.

Floating out a pillie along the edge of the reef at Peel or around prominent areas at Mud, Green and St.Helena should give you above average chance of hooking a school or spotted mackerel. There have been quite a few squid around these areas as well and anglers are often finding that they will pounce on their pillie bait soon after it enters the water. Try a squid jig if they start attacking your bait. If this doesn’t interest them then try a baited squid jag. Squid can provide a tasty meal or a good supply of bait (put one straight back out live) as once you find one there is usually a lot more in the area.

Jigging slugs around the beacons, especially in the northern bay, has accounted for a few mackerel at times. Any chromed metal lure should draw strikes but if you keep getting bitten off on the drop, try a TT Assassin slug as they are rear weighted to sink quicker and are also easier to cast when it is a bit windy.

Plenty of snapper reports have started filtering in from those anglers fishing around the bay islands and prominent ledges and rubble grounds with soft plastics. I have had several 5kg plus fish reported and have seen the brag shots in most cases. These are great quality fish and its nice to see that you can catch fish like this from a boat as small as 4m when conditions allow the short trip to these productive areas. Some anglers even manage to catch quality snapper around Scarborough Reef from paddle skis and canoes when it is calm.

The Hornibrook Bridge is still one of the better landbased spots to fish from which is easily accessible to anyone, even those in wheelchairs. Good numbers of bream, flathead whiting and the occasional other species can be caught from here, especially at night. I have even experienced some good sessions on chopper tailor here in winter.

The Redcliffe Jetty is another good spot to try with some anglers catching quality school mackerel here of late while drifting pillies under a float in the early morning.

Jumpinpin is definitely worth a try over the coming weeks as many of the winter species should start to show up. Drifting baits or jigging plastics in the main channel between the bar and Kalinga Bank is a good ploy if you have the desire to tangle with a mulloway, trevally, flathead or tailor. Early morning rising tides are your best bet.

Quite a few flathead have been caught in this channel as well as along the edges of prominent banks further up the system on a falling tide. Trolling small brightly coloured minnow lures is a good way to cover a lot of ground and give you an above average chance of encountering a few flathead and other species.

The gutter on the northern end of South Straddie (a few hundred metres down from the bar) has been a good place to spin up a few tailor on chrome slugs and slices such as Raiders. This is a high tide gutter and fishes best on the last few hours of the rising tide.

Anglers fishing the gutters on the eastern side of Moreton and North Straddie have been catching quite a few dart and the occasional quality bream and tailor.

The Pumicestone Passage has been fairly productive for whiting and flathead along the edges of the banks on the falling tide. Quite a few grunter have been caught in the deeper holes, mainly by those who go to the effort to catch fresh prawns. An occasional threadfin salmon and jew are also taken which provides a lot of possibilities. Fishing with live prawns, hardiheads and yabbies around the Bribie Bridge at night should give you a good chance of catching a tailor, tarpon or snapper.

May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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