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Report Thur 19 April 07

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 19, 2007 7:19 am

What a ripper week of weather after a somewhat dismal and disheartening Easter period. I had most of the week off my main job to catch up with some work in my other business but unfortunately (or fortunately) I was distracted by glassed out mornings.
Last weekend I managed to go out on Saturday night and again on Sunday morning for my fishing clubs monthly rally. On Saturday night I managed to tag five whaler sharks and a hammerhead in around 3 hours of fishing the spoil grounds off St.Helena. The next morning I hit the water early but the fishing was a little slower, possibly due to the boat traffic and really clear water towards the last half of the rising tide. The takes were very tentative although I managed to tag four more whalers and lost several others that were far too big to dead-boat on 4kg line class. Most of the sharks landed for the two sessions were between 8kg and 18kg, which give quite a fight on 4kg pretest mono. Just as I was about to leave I saw a small boil near the front of the boat and cast out a slug on 6kg mono. After about 40 minutes I tagged a longtail of around 11kg, which apart from an initial run spent the rest of the time doing circles under the boat. I still had my shark baits out the back and narrowly avoided a huge tangle on two occasions. Just as I released the longtail one of the other rods screamed but the hooks didn’t set.
Two days later I went to Mud Island to fish for snapper on plastics with Kim Lynch. We used Atomic 3” Fat Grubs in several different colours to catch two snapper around 70cm long, one around 50cm and another of 45cm as well as several others. All the action happened in the hour around dawn and then it was quiet for the next few hours. The two best fish were on consecutive casts. We skirted over to Spit Beacon and then to the mouth of the Rous and past the Harry Atkinson and then went home but didn’t see any surface action. The longtails are still around in reasonable numbers in this area but they have mainly been feeding on the last of the run out tide.
The northern bay has also been fishing quite well for pelagics with good numbers in the shipping channels, Pearl Channel and the North-west Channel. Middle Bank, the area around Tangalooma and the measured mile to Greasy Hole areas are others that are worth investigating.
There has been a lot of bait in the Amity Point area but I have not had any confirmed reports of quality pelagics being caught apart from a few frigate tuna. It would be worth a look if you are in the area.
Most of the bay islands are fishing well for snapper but with the water clarity so good the bite has mainly been happening around dawn and dusk and then again on the faster stages of the larger tides. Doing a night trip would be well worthwhile if you are after results because the larger snapper will only come into these shallower areas when they don’t feel exposed and conspicuous. Good numbers of school flathead have been caught by anglers wading around the mouth of the Pine River adjacent to the Hornibrook Highway. The last few hours of the run out to around the first hour of the run in are the best times to be walking the channels casting flies, small soft plastics and lightly weighted whole fish baits such as frogmouths and especially whitebait. Most of the shallow reefs and rubble grounds in the bay are worth a fish at this time of the year and anglers have found that snapper, cod, sweetlip and a host of others can be caught with quality fresh baits.
A few chopper tailor have shown up in the surf gutters on Moreton and the two Straddies as well as the Jumpinpin Bar area. They have not been plentiful or consistent but that will gradually improve over the coming weeks.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.


Shark Fishing

Post by Guest » Thu Apr 19, 2007 5:16 pm

To Gordon,

I was wondering whether you berley up when fishing for sharks and what sort of baits do you use. Would live baits work for these great fighters and is it necessary to berley up. do you fish on the bottom or do you drift these baits on lightly weighted lines. Would this type of shark fishing work throughout the bay or are the certain hot spots for sharks???

Where am i able to obtain a tagging kit from, i would very much be interested in tagging fish. Most of the bay tuna that i catch end up back in the drink and it would be worth while tagging these fish to see where they might next turn up. Any information regarding where i might be able to obtain a kit would be appreciated.

With fishing for snapper at night and in fast current is it worth drifting or anchoring??? and is it better to fish with your baits right on the bottom or mid water. Any further information regs fishing for snapper at night would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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