Report Thursday 3 May 07

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Report Thursday 3 May 07

Post by Brad » Thu May 03, 2007 7:12 am

Many of the tuna and most of the spotties that have been prevalent in the southern end of the bay, especially in the Rous mouth to Harry Atkinson area, over the last month or so have moved on. There are still a few schools to be found at times but you will generally need to look fairly hard. There has been a lot of bait schools around the Peel Island area at times which will hopefully hold the pelagics in this area for a while. Also try the Rainbow Channel area as it has been fairly reliable.
Snapper are regularly on the chew at Peel if the pelagics are absent and anglers working plastics along the edges of the reefs have been well rewarded at times with snapper to 6kg being reported during the week. They have been taken on a broad array of offerings from flouro green Gympie Bills double-tails to Zoom Stickbaits to those smelly bloody Berkley Gulp offerings. Most anglers are using 1/6oz to 1/4oz jigheads with 3/0 heavy wire hooks and working the plastics along the edge of the main reef contour on the western side. Snapper have been prevalent but sweetlip, parrot, morwong, pike, tailor, mackerel and several unstoppables are also encountered at times.

The northern end of the bay has fished well in recent weeks with the Pearl Channel being the place to chase pelagics. Some good schools of longtails have been encountered at times with fish to over 20kgs crashing bait on the surface. These larger fish can often be targeted successfully with poppers when they are a bit scattered. Slugs, flies and plastics can also be put to good use. An occasional cobia is being caught around some of the M beacons in the bay with the M1 and M3 being good ones to try. Any large live fish should do the job well when fished on 8kg to 15kg line. A few snapper being caught at Mud around dawn and dusk but during the day has generally been a little quiet. Night sessions are also worth a try with good fresh baits or soft plastics. Jigging slugs around the beacons in the northern bay is worthwhile for school mackerel at times with the period just around the change of the tide being worth a try.

The estuaries have been worth a hit with the channel leading out to the Jumpinpin Bar producing a few jew during the week. The best I heard of was a 98cm fish caught on an Atomic Jerk Shad. An occasional quality flathead has also been taken, mainly on drifted pillies, whitebait or fillet baits. The area around the north-eastern corner of St.Helena has produced quite a few squid for anglers fishing depths of less than 2m. I snagged a few of the tasty treats earlier in the week on size 3 orange squid jigs (the prawn shaped ones). Flame grilled and dipped in olive oil, lime juice and garlic they were great.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.



Post by Guest » Fri May 04, 2007 4:24 pm


I was wondering if i was going to get a reply to the reply i sent out on the 19 April. I would like to know a bit more about shark fishing.

If someone could help me out a little on the questions i posed on the 19th April it would be much appreciated.


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