Report 2nd Nov 05

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Report 2nd Nov 05

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 03, 2005 4:43 am

Cobia are still high on the wish list for many anglers and there is no better time to try for them in the bay than now. I have heard several reports of catches of up to four fish in a few hours of live baiting around the beacons in the northern bay. Two anglers who I know very well had a good day out there on the first day of the month and managed to catch 17 school mackerel and nine cobia while live baiting around a several different beacons. The cobia caught, weighed between 9kg and 16kg, which are an easy size to manage on the average bay snapper tackle. The mackerel were caught on both live baits and jigged chrome slugs.

Plenty of schools of pelagics, including longtails, school and spotted mackerel, mack tuna, frigate tuna and bonito have been sighted throughout the bay. Small chrome slugs will do the job most of the time, as will baitfish profile flies. Drifting pillies around the ledges of the bay islands and in the Rous Channel will put you in with a good chance of catching a school mackerel or stray spottie.

Numbers of flathead have been caught throughout most estuary systems and adjoining creeks. Casting minnow lures, soft plastics and lightly weighted whole fish baits such as frogmouth pillies, anchovies and whitebait should put you in with a good chance.

Plenty of sand crabs have been caught in the bay recently by anglers setting pots around the islands and along other prominent contours. The estuaries have been worth a try for mud crabs with the deeper banks towards the mouths of the creeks being prime places to try. Fresh fish or chook frames will usually work well.

Quite a few whiting are still being caught along the foreshores at Redcliffe, Scarborough and Wynnum. Worms or thin strips of squid on a size 6 hook with a long leader and a minimum of lead doing the trick.

An occasional good snapper is still being caught around the bay islands but they have thinned out quite a bit.

Jacks are being caught with regularity in the creeks by anglers with live baits fished around snags and bridge pylons. Most have been in the 30cm to 40cm bracket but a quality fish of 52cm was caught up towards the top end of Elimbah Creek by an angler targeting bream on soft plastics.

May your bait be nervous.

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