Report Thursday 10 May 07

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Report Thursday 10 May 07

Post by Brad » Thu May 10, 2007 8:05 am

A few longtails are still being found throughout the bay but they do not appear as prevalent as they were in previous weeks. A few scattered schools have been located in places such as the front of Bribie, Pearl Channel, around Peel, Rainbow Channel and the Banana Banks. They are eating bait around 3cm to 4cm long in most cases and as a result a few are being taken on slugs as well as flies and soft plastics.

I have not had any reports of spotties over the last week but with the northerly winds and the relatively warm conditions and water temperatures for this time of the year, I am sure there will still be a few to be caught in the usual places.

School mackerel are also around in places such as the top of the Rous Channel and around the bay islands. Most are being caught on drifted pillies, however the occasional surface busting school can bring chrome slugs into play. Jigging the beacons in the northern bay should produce a few schoolies and last weekend there were several taken from the NW beacons off Bribie on jigged chrome slugs.

Snapper are still being taken in reasonable numbers from around the bay islands with the plastics fishermen seeming to get the best of the action. Bait fishing has produced a few better quality snapper better than 5kg but you will need to fish dawn, dusk and the darkened hours for the best results. Fresh baits are paramount for these larger fish and small fresh yakkas, slimies or fillet baits are a good option. Stopping at St.Helena and other areas to get a few squid is not too hard most of the time and these make great bait.

The estuaries have been a little hit and miss but for those who put in a bit of effort there are still plenty of quality fish to be caught. The bream have not started to run in any numbers but there are definitely a few quality specimens to be taken, with the best reported this week going 39cm from Tiger Mullet Channel at the ‘Pin.

School flathead are fairly plentiful in most estuaries and creeks but anglers wading and casting around the Hornibrook Highway area have been getting the great results from a land based perspective. All the channels in the area including the Wells, Hayes Inlet and all the banks up to Dohles Rocks being productive on the last of the falling tide. Small soft plastics, flies and small brightly coloured deep-diving minnow lures such as Micro Mullets, Min-Mins, Mann’s Stretch 5+, Deep Chubby’s and RMG Scorpion 35 will do the job.

A few decent whiting are being taken on baits such as yabbies, worms and squid strips on most of the banks throughout the bay including the Wynnum foreshore. Up in the creeks is a similar situation and decent numbers are being taken around the edges of weed areas and in the shallow gutters adjacent the sand banks.

A few tailor and the odd school jew to 9kg have been taken in the ‘Pin Bar to Kalinga Bank area, mainly on baits.

Fishing under the Bribie Bridge at night should yield a few chopper tailor on the change of the tide for those fishing baits such as pillies. An occasional squire, cod and quality bream are also around.

May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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