Report Thursday 17 May 07

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Report Thursday 17 May 07

Post by Brad » Thu May 17, 2007 7:05 am

Not a lot of reports have filtered in this week even though the weather has been relatively kind. Longtails have been found in reasonable numbers along the front of Bribie Island, Pearl Channel, Middle Bank and the North-West Channel. Keeping a spin rod rigged and ready can really put the ball in your court as far as having the potential to get a cast away quickly if a school pops up in front of you. The fly fishermen have been getting the best results hook-up wise but they are also having a lot of trouble with sharks as well. More than half the tuna hooked become noah sashimi on an average day.

A few mackerel, predominately schoolies are being jigged up on chrome slugs in the northern bay. Drifting pillies in these areas should also put you in with a chance. Live baiting around the beacons, ledges and wrecks in the bay may produce a few cobia over coming weeks as well as a few longtails, trevally and the odd yellowtail kingfish.

The bay islands continue to produce a quality snapper for the plastics fishermen but the action has been a little hot and cold at times with bites coming with regularity for half an hour or so and then you will sometimes be fishless for the next few hours. Bait fishing has predictably been best on the change of the tide when the bait stops doing loop-de-loops in the current and actually looks a little natural. If you want those better quality snapper then go to the effort to acquire or catch fresh bait. Small whole yakkas and slimies, fresh mullet fillets and fresh squid are a few of the better offerings. If you need to buy frozen, then pillies and squid will often do. Using snelled-hook rigs instead of ganged hooks can also turn the odds in your favour as the snapper will not feel as much steel as they mouth the bait and the hooks are more likely to set once you strike as they can each move independently.

A few school jew were jigged up on plastics in some of the deeper channels and gutters in the Jumpinpin area during the night last week. Most were only schoolies to around 5kg. Bream have been caught on baits fished around the steeper banks and channels at the ‘pin but the big run of bream is yet to happen, if at all. In recent years, bream numbers have been well down for some reason. Luderick have also been conspicuous by their absence.

Most estuarine systems will produce a few flathead for anglers trolling lures along the edges of the banks and channels. Most lures will work so long as they travel close to the bottom where the flathead lurk. A few squid have been caught on squid jigs and baited squid jags from the public jetty in Manly Harbour by anglers fishing at night. Squid have been fairly abundant around the bay islands with the last of the rising tide being a good time to cast a few squid jigs around the shallow flats in depths of less than 2m. The north-eastern side of St.Helena, eastern side of Goat and Bird and the northern side of Mud have been a few of the productive areas.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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