Report Thursday 24 May 07

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Report Thursday 24 May 07

Post by Brad » Thu May 24, 2007 3:53 pm

Not a lot has happened in the bay this week that was different to last week with decent reports filtering in on a host of species in a myriad of locations. The squid have still been fairly abundant around the bay islands with the shallow flats around St. Helena being one good place to try. The standard prawn-profile squid jig has worked but a pillie on a squid jag has also been productive when fished below a float. Longtail tuna have popped up in all areas of the bay and it seems to be a case of being in the right spot at the right time. The Pearl Channel, Rainbow Channel, Lucinda Bay, Harry Atkinson area, Naval Reserve Banks and the front of Bribie are just a few of the places you can try.

The mackerel are definitely thinning out by the day but a few are still being caught around the beacons on jigged slugs and around the bay islands and in the Rous Channel on drifted pillies. Trolling spoons up in the top of the Rous and along the edge of the bank in the northern end of the Rainbow Channel has also accounted for a few mackerel. The Brisbane River produced some quality snapper for anglers fishing plastics on 1/8th to 1/4oz jigheads on the larger tides last week. Specimens to a little over 3kg were reported along with a few larger bream and flathead. A broad array of plastics worked with Eco-Gear Minnow M, Atomic Jerk Shads, Slider 3” Grubs and Gulp Minnow Grubs being a few of the productive offerings.

Live baiting with large mullet and prawns might be worthwhile in the Brisbane River as this is usually the time when a few threadfin salmon are caught. There are plenty of land-based locations where this can be done but having a boat will give you a few more options.

The snapper fishing around the bay islands really fired with the larger tides earlier in the week. Mud and Peel were the best spots to be but St.Helena and Green also produced a few quality specimens for those with a good knowledge of the area. The artificial reefs, Harry Atkinson and Curtain, were also worth fishing with good snapper and other species being taken on both plastics and baits.

An occasional cobia has been caught in the bay but the reefs and wrecks offshore seem to be the best bet. Large live demersal species or slimey mackerel make the best baits for the larger specimens. A few yellowtail kings to around 5kg were caught by anglers jigging with slugs around the beacons off Bribie. These same beacons have also produced a few mackerel and one cobia that I know of. The estuaries are fishing okay but the fishing has not been marvelous from all reports. Those who put in a bit of effort have been well rewarded in most instances with flathead, bream and whiting being the main species caught. The Jumpinpin area has also been worth a try with a few quality bream being taken in Cobby Passage and flathead being trolled up along most of the banks on the falling tide. Drifting baits along Kalinga Bank and many of the other prominent channels has been productive for a few flathead and the occasional other species. A few jew have been taken on soft plastics jigged along the deeper edges of the channel out towards the ‘Pin Bar. A lot of effort has to be employed for each fish with this method.

A few trevally to 3.5kg and grunter to 2kg were taken at the mouth of the Bribie Canals on live prawns last weekend. The start of the runout tide was the best time to be trying but the last of the run out was also worth the effort. A few whiting on live yabbies around the Avon Wreck on the last of the run in tide.

May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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