Report Friday 15 Jun 07

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Report Friday 15 Jun 07

Post by Brad » Fri Jun 15, 2007 1:21 pm


The last week has been a little uneventful in the bay with decent fishing for some who put in the effort, but most have had to work hard for their results. The daylight hours have been slow around the bay islands due to the high water clarity except for the faster stages of the tide for the guys using soft plastics.

The whiting have been a little hit and miss for most with long periods in between the few sessions producing bites. You may get five to ten fish in quick succession and then nothing for a few hours.

Fishing the deeper reef and ledge areas such as the Cowan Artificial, Bulwer Ledge, Harry Atkinson, Curtain Artificial and Benowa Track area will produce the best opportunities whilst the water clarity stays high. Snapper, cobia, tuna and a plethora of reef species can be caught in these areas.

The Jumpinpin area has fished well for bream and a few tailor, jew and flathead. The channel leading up to the bar has been the best bet with baits drifted in this area producing quite a few opportunities. Some anglers have been jigging with plastics and doing alright as well, mainly at night, early morning and just before the change of the tide.

Trolling lures along the edges of prominent banks towards the last of the falling tide is your best bet to snag a few flatties and the occasional tailor and quality bream. Even quality whiting will have a crack at small lures trolled in this manner.

The area around the Bribie Bridge has been fishing well at night for those anglers who take the effort to secure fresh baits such as yabbies and hardiheads. Floating these back unweighted into the lighted areas on flourocarbon leaders and kahle pattern hooks has produced tarpon, trevally, jacks, bream and tailor. Fishing the bottom with these same baits may produce the odd snapper as well as the usual rays and other nuisances.

A few school mackerel are still being caught on pillies in the top end of the Rous Channel but they are pretty hit and miss for most.

The area around the mouth of the Pine River has been worth a try for flathead as good numbers have been caught by anglers casting lures and flies around the channels towards the lower stages of the tide.

Scotts Rocks would be worth a try at night for bream. The period towards the top of the tide is the time to try this area, with half pillies cast into the shallow water on top of the rock ledge usually producing good results.

Scarborough Reef has definitely been a good place to fish a few plastics, with bream, flathead, snapper and a host of other species being caught there. It often produces a few quality jew at this time of the year, both on plastics and live baits. The night periods are the best times to be out there trying but you will need a stealthy approach, as the fish are often spooky in such shallow water.

May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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