Report Thursday 28 Jun 07

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Report Thursday 28 Jun 07

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 28, 2007 7:35 am

Not a lot of fresh reports over the last week due to the rain and windy conditions we have been experiencing. The cold weather has definitely depleted angler enthusiasm a few degrees. It is hard to get motivated to go fishing when the barometer is low, it is cold and also windy. Hopefully by the time you read this report we will have sunny skies and a glass out.

A few good jew are starting to turn up in the bottom end of the bay from Peel down to Jumpinpin. Specimens to 15kg have been reported but don’t think they are an easy thing as many of the successful anglers have spend many hours catching live baits and then spending half the night out in the cold to target their quarry. A few have been caught on soft plastics by anglers targeting snapper and other species.

Good numbers of flathead were reported from most creeks and estuaries before the rain and this should continue down towards the mouths of the estuaries, especially on the rising tide. Trolling small brightly coloured minnow lures along the edges of the banks on a falling tide is probably your best option but drifting baits in the channels towards the bottom of the tide and on top of the banks towards the top of the tide has also been productive.

A few cobia to 30kg have been reported from various (mainly secret) locations in the northern bay. My guess would be any of the beacons along the front of Bribie (NW series) and right around the banks to Moreton (M series) and the NE beacons in the Eastern Channel. Live baits are best, with yakkas, slimies, whiptails or any other large baits being worth using. Even sand crabs are definitely prime fair for a cobia and are great when the pickers are destroying a supply of carefully caught yakkas or slimies.

Scott’s Rocks has been fishing reasonably well at night for quality bream and the occasional tailor. Half pillies and a light sinker that allows the bait to wash around the rocks will produce the goods towards the last of the rising tide in the evenings.

The bays islands are definitely worth the effort at this time of the year if you can get there as the snapper run is in full swing and the results can be exceptional at times. Plastics fishermen are best to fish the larger tides and the bait fisheremen usually do best on the smaller tides or the ebb stage of the larger tides. Good fresh baits will always out produce frozen offerings.

The shallows around Mud and St.Helena have produced some awesome quality bream for astute anglers with small surface presentations and other bream style lures. Squid have also been reasonably regular catches in these areas for anglers with small squid jigs fished in the shallows towards the top of the tide.

The Dunwich Jetty is still producing some excellent catches for anglers casting surface lures and plastics, especially early morning and at night. Several species of trevally and the occasional yellowtail kingfish and other species has been taken. Plenty of bust-offs around the pylons has kept anglers keen and coming back for more punishment. It has also obviously been good for tackle sales. Anglers fishing from the Amity Wall have been catching some quality bream, the occasional squire and quite a few squid.

Most of the surf beaches on the eastern side of Moreton and Straddie have been fishing quite well for bream, flathead and tailor. Most of the tailor have been choppers around the just legal mark but an occasional greenback as well as mulloway has also been taken, mainly on dusk.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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