Report 9th Nov 05

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Report 9th Nov 05

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 10, 2005 5:01 am

School mackerel seem to be the flavour of the week and anglers have been finding small patches of them at a variety of locations throughout the bay. The Harry Atkinson, mouth of the Rous, Four Beacons, Shark Spit, Middle Bank, Upper Rous Channel and most northern beacons have been worth fishing. Sometimes the fish have been working the surface but most have been caught by anglers berleying with cut pillies and floating a whole unweighted pilchard down the trail. Jigging the beacons with chrome slugs is also popular and productive.

A few spotted mackerel have also been caught in the same areas and with the same methods as the schoolies. Middle Bank has been about the most popular spot for these guys but a few decent schools have also been sighted in the Western Rocks area.

With the warmer weather upon us, the whaler sharks are now on the chew and are easy to catch around any of the bay islands. Float out a good sized bait into a tuna oil berley trail and you will be in with a good chance of hooking up. Drifting with the current is usually better than anchoring and allows you to cover more ground.

Good numbers of whiting have been caught at most of the usual spots throughout the bay, if you can stay ahead of the netters. The Sand Hills, Browns Gutter, Small Ships Gutter, Amity Banks and Maroom Banks have been some productive areas.

Reasonable numbers of school flathead are still being caught in the estuaries on both baits and lures.

Snapper have been a little quiet but those fish captured have had a bit of quality about them. Night-time is definitely the time to be fishing baits but soft plastics have been working well throughout the day if you can find a bit of water that is not clear. This discoloured water often holds small patches of bait and as a result the snapper usually aren’t far away. Any surface disturbance is worth casting a plastic into and allowing it to sink, as there are often snapper feeding below it.

Scattered schools of pelagics have been sighted at a huge array of locations throughout the bay and it is usually a case of covering a bit of ground and keeping your eyes open to find them.

Many of the beacons in the northern bay are still producing cobia and the occasional longtail for anglers with live baits.

Scarborough Reef has been one decent spot for plastics and anglers have been catching snapper, sweetlip, morwong, cod, bream, flathead and even the occasional school mackerel.

May your bait be nervous.

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