Report 03 Aug 07

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Report 03 Aug 07

Post by Brad » Fri Aug 03, 2007 7:27 am

Not much has changed over the last week with good results being obtained from most areas. The bay islands continue to produce a steady stream of snapper, with both the bait fishermen and the plastics anglers achieving good results. Mud and Peel have been the most popular areas to fish but Green and St. Helena have produced some good quality snapper to over 5kg for anglers as well. Coochiemudlo has been a popular and productive spot for the bait fishermen with snapper to over 8kg being caught during the week. Live squid have been the gun offering here for the bigger snapper and can usually be caught around the area on squid jigs.

Squid have been fairly common catches in the Rainbow Channel and along the Amity Wall where anglers have been using squid jigs, and jags baited with whole pillies, for good numbers of arrow squid and a few tiger squid. Live baits fished around prominent structure such as beacons, ledges and artificial reefs has produced decent numbers of cobia in the northern section of the bay. The larger live baits have produced the best quality cobia, but even small yakkas and slimeys will work if you can keep the longtails, mack tuna and snapper away from them.

A few tailor and the odd school mackerel has been caught in the top section of the Rous Channel between the last red beacon and the first green beacon. Drifting pillies has been the best way to tempt a few fish. Plenty of northern bar-tailed flathead have been caught, although the best specimens are only around 45cm in length. Tailor have also been caught around Gilligans Island, the tripod beacon at the mouth of the Pumicestone Passage and around the Bribie Island Bridge by anglers with whole pillies and chromed slugs and spoons. Anglers drifting baits and trolling small minnow lures in the section between Dohles Rocks and the Hornibrook Bridge have accounted for decent numbers of school flathead, whiting and a few good bream and the occasional stargazer.

Jumpinpin continues to fish well with decent numbers of fish being caught by anglers who make the effort. Tailor have been caught just inside the bar and down to Kalinga Bank and along Crusoe Island. Bream have been fairly well spread throughout the system but areas such as Mckenzies Channel, Slipping Sands, Tiger Mullet Channel and Kalinga Bank have been worth the effort for most. Even anglers fishing off the jetty at Jacobs Well have been achieving decents results with bream and flathead being the main species encountered. One angler even caught a 4.2kg mulloway on a whole pillie one night last week. Trolling the edges of any of the prominent banks at either Jumpinpin or the Pumistone Passage should produce a flathead or two on the last of the falling tide.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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