Report 9 Aug 07

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Report 9 Aug 07

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 09, 2007 7:11 am

Small numbers of school mackerel have started to show up in the top end of the Rous Channel and in the Rainbow Channel. In the Rous, the area between the last red beacon and the first green beacon has produced the best numbers of fish. Better quality fish seem to be found along the edge of the Rainbow Channel between the Rous Channel entrance and across towards Moreton.

Whilst you are over that way, try along the Amity Wall for a few squid which seem to be fairly plentiful at times, especially on the rising tide. Most have been tigers but a few arrow and bottle squid, as well as the occasional cuttlefish has also been taken. Plenty of good bream are also being caught along the Amity Wall on both baits and soft plastics.

Some anglers have been catching a few squid from the public jetty at Manly, mainly at night. Prawn style squid jigs have been working, as have prawn jags baited with pillies. An occasional cobia is still showing up in the top end of the bay, with the best bite yet to happen. Usually once a few school mackerel start to show up the numbers of cobia are usually not too far away.

Scarborough Reef is producing good numbers of squire and a few better quality snapper for anglers with baits and plastics. Bait fishing has also produced some quality bream and the occasional flathead, sweetlip and estuary cod. One angler recently landed a 5.3kg estuary cod on a light bream rod, 2kg braid and a soft plastic. It bricked him four times and each time he just waited until it swam out again. Once he finally landed it he took a few pics and released it to excite another angler.

Diver whiting have been caught around most of the foreshores with the banks just out from Wynnum and Nudgee producing good results for anglers with live worms or squid strips. Flathead and bream are fairly spread out throughout the Jumpinpin area with spots such as Kalinga Bank, Whalleys Gutter, Mckenzies Channel and the main channel producing good numbers of fish, despite serious angling pressure from both recreational and commercial concerns.

The eastern side of Crusoe Island, Cobby Passage and Tiger Mullet Channel are good areas to try for bream with night sessions and quality bait being a good combination for success. Plenty of good fish are taken off the Jacobs Well Jetty with flathead and bream being the main species caught. Every so often an anglers hooks into a jew but a lot more stories about the big jew that got away are inspired by the large stingrays and shovelnose rays which frequent the area.

A few tailor around the ‘Pin bar and right down to Crusoe Island, especially in the hole. Quite a few whiting have also been caught around the Sand Hills, Browns Gutter, Bird Island, Goat Island and the shallows of the Rainbow Channel and Amity Banks.

The Curtain Artificial Reef has produced a few quality snapper for anglers making the effort to fish at night with live baits. An occasional cobia has also fallen for this method. A few large GT and Golden trevally are also usually caught around this time of the year. The resident yellowtail kingfish definitely get anglers excited when they swim up to the boat and eat your berley but they are much too smart to take a bait with a hook in it.

May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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