Report 23 Aug 07

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Report 23 Aug 07

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:13 am

Obviously, not a lot of reports over the last week, due to the little zephyr that has kept most off the water. Winds to over 120kmph have been recorded at Cape Moreton along with squally rain throughout the area, which ironically did little to alleviate the water shortage. A few anglers have fished in the rivers and estuaries during the week and results were fairly good for most.

The Brisbane River has produced quite a few snapper and the occasional mulloway and salmon for anglers with live baits and lures. Drifting lightly weighted prawns close to the bottom has produced quite a few quality squire for anglers, especially those fishing at night. Lures worked around places such as the sewerage shoot, Clara’s Rocks and other submerged structure have also been productive. A few threadfin salmon have been caught further up the river, even in the city reaches, although successful anglers have had to put in long sessions with live baits for their prize.

Jumpinpin is still producing a steady stream of bream and flathead as well as the occasional tailor, trevally, whiting and other species. Tailor have often been located around the bar area on a rising tide when they are visibly smashing bait on the surface. They have been a little skittish at times but if you can get close enough for a cast then you are in with a good chance of hooking up.

Bream have been best on baits of mullet fillets, fowl gut, mullet gut and strips of raw chicken fillet. Most of the deeper sections of water have been producing results with those who brave the cold of the darkened hours gaining the best results. Anglers with soft plastics have also been achieving good results around Kalinga Bank, the various weed beds in the area and also along the deeper banks, especially those where the banks have collapsed sending mangrove trees into the drink. An occasional mulloway has been caught on live baits and plastics in the main channel between the bar and Crusoe Island. Results have been slow but those who put in the effort have occasionally been rewarded.

Obviously this is a short report this week due to few reports coming in as a result of the weather. The best part of the bit of rain we had is that it should put a little colour in the water. This usually improves the fishing somewhat, allowing larger fish to feel comfortable in shallower water. It also gives the bait some cover and therefore makes the larger species hungrier and more aggressive. The added nutrients that are flushed into the system are also a bonus. The snapper fishing around the bay islands should improve as a result and the Brisbane River should also fish well towards the top stages of the tide. Once the weather drops out the fishing should be quite good, so get out amongst them.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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