Weekly Report 6 Oct 07

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Weekly Report 6 Oct 07

Post by Brad » Sat Oct 06, 2007 9:29 am

Cobia reports have started to improve with quite a few quality specimens being recorded this week. The best I heard of in the bay was a 30kg specimen taken in the Rous Channel on a soft plastic after a fight that lasted several hours. Several others were reported from other areas of the bay including the Curtain Artificial, NW12, Western Channel and Four Beacons. Western Rocks has also produced fish to 32kg during the last week on live bait. A few longtails have been sighted at various areas throughout the bay including the Pearl Channel, Mud Island, St Helena Island, Sand Hills and Naval Reserve Banks. They have been relatively flighty most of the time and the only two I know that were landed were both tempted with stick-bait style plastics walked across the surface in front of the feeding fish.

The snapper have started to taper off numbers wise but quality specimens can still be caught in the bay at any time of the year. I have had good success right through the summer months so don’t put that plastics rod away just yet. Peel has produced the best results over recent weeks with snapper, sweetlip, parrot, morwong and even a small coral trout being reported. The pike have been relatively thick and can provide a lot of fun, especially for the junior anglers. A few mackerel are still being caught on drifted pillies around the bay islands and this action should only get better over the following weeks. Also try the top end of the Rous Channel and any of the shipping channel beacons. Flathead numbers have been especially good in recent weeks with just about every creek, river and estuarine system producing good numbers of quality fish. Even waterways right in the heart of suburbia such as the Brisbane River, Eprapah Creek and Tingalpa Creek have been fishing fairly well. An 81cm flathead was caught in Tingalpa Creek on a trolled Manns Stretch 10 during the week by and angler fishing from his kayak.

Jumpinpin continues to produce a steady stream of quality fish, with bream, flathead, whiting, trevally, tailor and the occasional school mulloway being caught. Anglers have used a variety of techniques to tempt these fish but soft plastics have featured highly from the reports I have received. Drifting whole fish baits such as frogmouth pillies, whitebait and hardiheads in the main channel with just enough lead to keep in near the bottom is definitely the best way to fish baits and allows you to cover quite a bit of area. A few prawns have started to show in the creeks but as yet they have mainly been the smaller greasy prawns, which make great baits. A few banana prawns have been caught but not in significant enough numbers to make targeting them worthwhile. This could change any day though.

Mud crab numbers are on the improve, with crabbers starting to get enough to make the effort well worthwhile in many cases. Some quality bream have been caught at Scarborough Reef recently, mainly on soft plastics targeted at snapper. The best reported to me was a 43cm specimen which was the anglers PB. If you could catch fish like this consistently then bream would definitely be worthwhile targeting. Mangrove jack reports have improved in recent weeks with most of the canals and larger creek systems being worth a try. All manner of lures and live baits have been successful for anglers putting their offerings in the prime locations. Usually this is adjacent to major current breaking structure, therefore bust-offs can be common, even on quite heavy tackle. Saying this though, many anglers manage to land jacks on relatively light tackle as it often appears as if the harder you pull on them the harder they will pull back and more likely they are to head to the nearest prominent structure.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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