Weekly Report 12 Oct 07

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Weekly Report 12 Oct 07

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 12, 2007 7:57 am

Again, a few cobia reported this week, although few anglers have been able to get out on the water for too long. Most who have achieved success on these awesome critters have definitely put in the hard yards time wise. Large live baits are still the best way to tempt them however fishing big plastics around the beacons and prominent ledges may also produce results at times. The whiting numbers have been good, especially around areas such as the Sand Hills, Browns Gutter, Little Ships Channel and Amity Banks. There have been some decent numbers caught and the quality has been fairly good also. Live worms are best although frozen offerings, squid strips and the Berkley Sandworms will all produce results.

Reports of snapper have tapered off quickly around the bay islands although a few are still being caught in the Brisbane River by astute anglers with soft plastics and lipless crankbaits. Peel is probably the best of the bay islands to fish at present with a good array of demersal species being encountered. A few school mackerel and even a yellowtail kingfish were caught there during the week. Fishing the various wrecks scattered throughout the bay would be a better option if you wished to target a larger snapper at the moment. The Captain Nelson, River Wreck, Cement Barge Wreck and the Houseboat are a few that spring to mind that would be worth trying if you can get the marks. (No, I don’t give out GPS marks) Another nice salmon of 9kg was caught in the river this week, this time by an angler fishing with live prawns up near Mowbray Park. They should start to get more active over the next few weeks.

I have had reports of spotted mackerel being caught during the week but am yet to confirm whether they were in fact spotties or the school mackerel that are often confused with them. Either way, it would be worth keeping an eye out when traveling through the bay. Other surface activity can signal the present of species such as bonito, mack tuna, longtails and frigate tuna. All can provide a little fun. Keeping a spin rod rigged and ready will put you in with the best chance of hooking up if a school is sighted. The estuaries are still producing good numbers of flathead and the occasional haul of bream, although these are quickly tapering off. The water has been warming quickly in the estuaries, which has slowed the abundance of some species but increased others.

Mangrove jack numbers are definitely on the increase, especially in the bigger river systems and the canals. Specimens to 57cm were reported this week, with most being taken on small plastics and minnow lures. Live baiting can make a good way to enjoy a leisurely evening on the water. Fish live, prawns, mullet and herring around prominent structure such as rock walls and bars or in the deeper holes. Prawns are still being caught, especially greasies, but the numbers have not been great. Every so often a cast netter is in the right place at the right time and gets a good haul but they have been far from consistent. Crabs are on the improve, with both mud and sand crabs being caught in the bay and the river mouths. There are definitely enough around to make setting a few pots worthwhile.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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