Weekly Report 22 Nov 07

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Weekly Report 22 Nov 07

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 22, 2007 1:52 pm

Anglers taking the long awaited opportunity to head out into the bay during the week have been well rewarded in many cases with quality catches being reported. The pelagics have been fairly plentiful of late with schools being reported from all corners of the bay. In many cases it has just been bonito, frigate tuna and small mack tuna, however larger mack tuna, longtails and mackerel have also been about at times. Most of the longtails have either been along the front of Bribie Island or in the Pearl Channel, but it pays to have a spin rod rigged and at the ready as schools can pop up at any time.

Mackerel have also been a little more plentiful this week, especially school mackerel. These have been caught on drifted pillies around the bay islands and beacons, on chrome slugs around the beacons and also by trolling spoons behind paravanes at places such as the top end of the Rous Channel and along the edges of the shipping channel. Prawns have been around in better numbers of late although you will still struggle with a castnet if you are after a few kilos for a feed. There has been enough around to secure a few baits, and these can be put to good use in the Brisbane River for snapper and threadfin. Both these species have been around in reasonable numbers with reports of threadfin salmon seeming to be a daily occurrence now that some anglers have them figured out. Most have been caught on Jackal Mask 70, Squidgy Slick Rigs and a variety of other plastics and lipless rattlers. Flathead continue to dominate reports from anglers venturing into the estuaries and creeks. The Jumpinpin area has fished extremely well this year with specimens to 96cm being caught and released. Drifting a few baits over the tops of the flats towards the top of the tide or trolling lures or drifting baits along the edges of the flats and adjacent channels during the falling tide will almost guarantee you a return for your effort.

Scarborough reef continues to produce good numbers of snapper, sweetlip and other species for anglers fishing with soft plastics and well presented fresh baits. Dawn and dusk seem to be the key periods in the shallows but you will have to be very quiet to maximize your chances in such shallow water. Anglers wading and casting small minnow lures, flies and soft plastics around the Hornibrook Bridge area towards the last of the falling tide have been getting decent numbers of flathead as well as pike, bream, whiting and occasionally estuary cod. Jacks have been hooked but not necessarily landed in most of the canal areas on both live baits and lures. Soft plastics have accounted for the majority of the jacks hooked on lures however Jackals and other lipless offerings have also been effective if you are brave and rich enough to use them for this pursuit. Trevally, bream, flathead, estuary cod and other species can add a little variety to the day.

The Curtain Artificial has fished well in recent weeks with reports of cobia and quality snapper coming in from anglers doing overnight sojourns. Live baits have been paramount for success on these quality specimens. Crabs have been a little hit and miss. Mud Crabs have been a little elusive for many however every so often someone really hits the jackpot with several tasty crabs for the table, which is enough to keep the keen trying. Sandies are gradually increasing in numbers but there seems to be a lot of undersize ones about. These should only get better in the coming months so keep putting those pots and dillies in.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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