Weekly Report 28 Nov 07

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Weekly Report 28 Nov 07

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 29, 2007 9:04 am

Mackerel have started to show up in better numbers this week although the school mackerel are still more common than the favored spotties. Most have been taken on baits fished around the bay islands, beacons, ledges and other structure where currents are altered and baitfish hold. The tripod beacons of the Measured Mile has been about the closest spot where catches have been regular, although berley in the form of cut pilchards is often required to get them in the mood. Expect to also attract other undesirables such as wobbegongs, whaler sharks, grinners and rays. A few surface feeding schools have been sighted in areas such as Middle Bank, Naval Reserve Banks, Greasy Hole, Four Beacons area, North West Channel and Pearl Channel. They have been reasonably easy to tempt with small chrome slices most of the time.

Landbased mackerel fishing has been possible with spots such as the Scarborough jetty and Victoria Point Jetty being two places where anglers have caught mackerel in the early mornings on whole pilchard baits suspended under a float. Good numbers of quality bream are still around with a plethora of locations mentioned in reports from successful anglers. Several kilo plus specimens were taken on baits at Scarborough Reef along with a few decent snapper during the week. Most of the major areas at Jumpinpin, and other creek, river and shallow rubble grounds have also featured strongly in reports. Flathead are also around in good numbers and a few hours spent trolling in the estuaries and creeks towards the lower stages of the tide, is almost certainly going to pay dividends.

Plastics are still producing good numbers of snapper around the bay islands with many fish caught during the middle of the day lately, due to the larger tides. Mud and Peel have been the better of the bay islands but anglers have also achieved results around Green, St.Helena, The Benowa Track grounds, Curtain Artificial and Harry Atkinson. A few longtails were reported from around the South Passage Bar area and into the Rainbow Channel as far south as Peel during the week. They were only small pods and were a little flighty but if you got close enough for a cast then they were reasonably easy to hook with a 20gm chrome slice or small stick bait plastic.

A few more prawns around the creeks and rivers this week and hopefully these should get better over the coming weeks. At the moment you will have to work extremely hard to secure a good feed with a castnet. Sand crab numbers are definitely on the increase and for most it has definitely been worth setting a few pots around the bay islands and outlying contours and channels.

Salmon continue to be caught in the Brisbane River by anglers who have refined their technique, with plastics, Jackal Mask 70 and many brands of lipless rattlers working well. Live baits are also a good way to tempt a few with anglers drifting lightly weighted prawns and herring along the ledges and over the deeper holes doing well at times, especially at night.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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