Weekly Report 6 Dec 07

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Weekly Report 6 Dec 07

Post by Brad » Thu Dec 06, 2007 4:36 pm

Reports this week have not altered much from last week although the weather has been a little better, allowing anglers to get out amongst the action. Enjoy it while you can as proposed closures will greatly reduce the amount of quality fishing ground that will be accessible to anglers in the Moreton Bay Marine Park area. There is a boating rally in protest of these proposed closures on Saturday 15th December at 10am, leaving from Eagle Farm. Tow your boat, throw the canoe on the roof of the car or just display signs of protest on the family car but by all means attend if you can, as these closure will have dire effects on a broad array of businesses from boating, tackle and bait outlets to the corner store or servo where you buy your bottle of softdrink, ice or fuel. Not to mention those who just want the ability to be able to have a quiet day on the water without traveling long distances to a suitable fishing spot. Some of the areas earmarked for Green Zone (no fishing) closure include Peel Island, St.Helena Island, the paddock east of Mud Island, Southern 29s, The Sevens, Coomera River and Cobby Cobby area at Jumpinpin. Yellow Zones (one fishing rod only) areas will be extended to cover areas such as the ENTIRE Pumistone Passage, Western Rocks, Cape Moreton, Shag Rock, Boat Rock and The Group. The maps and details are on www.epa.qld.gov.au so I suggest you have a look to see how it will affect your future fishing and that of your kids or your business that derives income from fishers activities. If you want more details on the rally on the 15th then contact Chris Ryan on 0408 003 343.

Mackerel are still being caught in reasonable numbers however the large schools are yet to arrive if at all. Most have been taken on pilchard baits drifted around beacons, reefs ledges and other structure or chrome slices jigged around the beacons in the northern bay. Some quality snapper continue to be caught around Mud Island by anglers with plastics even in the middle of the day. Small whaler sharks have also been getting in on the act by attacking both the plastic offerings as well as the hooked fish at times. If you do like catching a few sharks then now is the perfect time to be out there doing it. Whalers are particularly prolific but hammerheads and tigers are also around in limited numbers. Drifting around the spoil grounds (see Beacon to Beacon book) or almost anywhere in the bay with whole fish baits such as a gar, and a berley trail of a tuna oil slick will almost certainly produce results for you.

An occasional cobia is still being caught with a 30kg plus specimen taken from the Captain Nelson during the week on a live grinner. Other places to try include Western Rocks, Curtain Artificial, northern beacons and most wrecks in the bay. A few large longtails have been working close to the beach off Bribie Island between 2nd and 4th lagoon. They are 20kg plus specimens and have been relatively easy to approach yet hard to tempt. One was hooked on fly but lost after over an hour and a half of battle. Small schools of frigates and mack tuna are also carving up the area at times. The Jumpinpin area is still worth a trip with bream, flathead and whiting being the main species caught. Casting plastics along the ledge in the main channel outside of the Swan Bay closed area has been producing quite a few decent flathead and trevally, especially on the falling tide. A decent school mulloway of 7kg was also taken late last week on a 5” Storm Shad.

A few king salmon are still being caught in the Brisbane River. Anglers are using a variety of techniques with both baits and lures to secure them. Most have been letting them go which will ensure the viability of this fishery in years to come. The average fish has been around 10kg but specimens approaching 20kg have been caught.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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