Weekly report 13 Dec 07

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Weekly report 13 Dec 07

Post by Brad » Thu Dec 13, 2007 1:06 pm

With a few days of decent weather over the last week, anglers have had the opportunity to venture out onto the bay in search of piscatorial relief. Results have varied but overall the fishing has been a little slower, especially on the pelagic front, than is normally associated with this time of the year. A few schools have popped up here and there but the larger schools of tunas and especially the spotted mackerel have not yet appeared in any numbers. Offshore the same can be said for the billfish, which have been conspicuous by their absence.

Inshore the fishing has been reasonably good. There has been enough rain to keep the estuarine waters a little dirty and as a result the numbers of fish have been good with flathead, bream, whiting and a host of other species being caught with regularity. The Brisbane River area still continues to produce some quality fish species with last weekends Brisbane River Classic producing a plethora of species including king salmon, bream, flathead, estuary cod, rays and sharks to 3.2m. Salmon appear to be a daily capture these days and I have heard of up to ten captures for a single day for anglers fishing along the length of this under rated system. These specimens are of world class proportions and appear to be more numerous than ever this season. Anglers specifically targeting them with Jackal Mask TN70 and Trans Ams, Manns George’N’Shad, Squidgy Slick Rigs and live baits such as herring, prawns and mullet have met with surprising results. The upper reaches of the river, as far up as Mount Crosby, have been where a few of the largest specimens have been caught, however many areas along the length have produced quality specimens with regularity.

The number of prawns are on the improve with some anglers managing a few kilos for a couple of hours on the water with a cast net. The Brisbane River, Logan River and Cabbage Tree Creek are just a few of the more popular areas. Casting along the banks of most of the creek and river systems is worth a try. Crabs are still a little light on but a bit of effort should see a few legal sandies or muddies. Setting pots overnight will greatly increase your chances of a successful outcome. Plenty of whaler sharks have been caught in the Brisbane River and also out in the bay, even by anglers fishing soft plastics. Larger whole fish baits such as gar, mullet, or even grinners, suspended below a float and drift fished into a berley trail is much more likely to produce results, especially around the spoil grounds.

A couple of school jew were caught in the main channel leading in from the Jumpinpin Bar area during the week. Both of those I heard about were caught on soft plastics targeted at flathead but a live bait would also be worth a try. Good snapper continue to be caught at Mud, Peel and St.Helena by anglers with plastics and quality fresh baits. Some snapper over 5kg are being caught right in the middle of the day. Enjoy this type of fishing while you can as it looks like many of these areas may be closed soon if the new rezoning plans come into force.

Don’t forget about the protest boating rally to be held this Saturday 15th. Details are in last weeks report. Hope to see you there.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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