Weekly Report 28 Feb 08

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Weekly Report 28 Feb 08

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:08 pm

It was great to finally hear reports of decent pelagic schools in the bay this week. All reports came from the area north of the Four Beacons, however it won’t take long for them to spread throughout the bay (hopefully). Most reports centred around large mack tuna better than 3kg in weight, but a few longtails and frigate tuna were also sighted. The mack tuna are feeding on smaller bait and a 15gm to 20gm chrome slice or slug will be the best chance for the lure casters. The fly fishermen always have the upper hand presentation wise when the bait is small as they can best imitate the juvenile frogmouths and whitebait on which these pelagic species will be feeding with surf candies, bay bait and other fly patterns coming to the fore.

The front of Bribie was the best bet if you were chasing longtails with small pods of quality fish (mostly over 10kg) being found sporadically right along its length. A few small mack and frigate tuna have been located in large yet flighty schools in this area and also in the Pearl Channel. Mud Island anglers are still getting a few snapper with an 8.6kg specimen taken last Sunday night on a pillie on the north-eastern corner. There has also been plenty of smaller snapper around and anglers have been catching these on both baits and plastics. Peel has also been worth a visit and it is a good time to fish this ground now as the entire western side will be closed to recreational anglers if the full array of proposed closures come into force. Those who have viewed the map of proposed closures will realize how ridiculous and unfounded some of the decisions have been in relation to these closures. This statement is especially relevant when one sees the perfect, almost pristine, mangrove and estuarine areas that are being allowed to be bulldozed and filled in to allow for airport runways and housing developments yet they want to stop anglers fishing various areas in case an anchor or line happens to rip up a strand of sea grass. March 7th is the last day that you can voice your opposition to these closures so contact your local minister or write to the EPA (Environment Protection Authority) and let them know how these closures will affect your life and possibly your business.

St.Helena is another area destined for closure so now is a good time to fish it. Quality snapper and bream have been taken on plastics up in the shallows and along the western ledges in the early mornings and evenings. Squid have been caught in the shallows on prawn style jigs towards the top of the tide. Try the margins on the eastern side and north-eastern corner in water shallower than 2.5m for these tasty morsels. A few school mackerel were reportedly caught on pillies along the 5m ledge on the northern end of St.Helena over the last weekend. Small sharks were also in abundance just on dawn. Another area destined for closure is the Scarborough Reef area. This area is a fairly productive location, and is especially popular with those in smaller craft or those who don’t want to travel too far as they have small children or elderly on board. When it closes, these anglers will have to travel a lot further to decent fishing grounds or not go at all. At the moment it has been producing decent snapper, sweetlip, bream, cod and flathead on both baits and soft plastics.

The Jumpinpin area is still producing an occasional quality jew for anglers with live baits or well presented soft plastics. The rising tide has been the best time to be on the water in this area although the falling tide often produces a few quality fish along the ledge around the mouth of Swan Bay. The falling tide has also been the better time to be trolling the banks for flathead, with Gold Bank, Whalley’s Gutter, Squire Island and Eden island being some productive places that have produced good fish in the last week. Prawns are still being caught in the Brisbane River, Caboolture River, Logan River, Burpengary Creek and Pine River in good numbers. I managed a few kilos whilst cast-netting in the Brisbane River during the week but some anglers have caught their 10 litre bucket limit in just a few hours. Crabs have still been a little hit and miss but if you are heading out for a fish then it is definitely worth trying your luck by setting a few pots loaded with fish or chicken frames.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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