Weekly Report 14 Mar 08

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Weekly Report 14 Mar 08

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 13, 2008 4:10 pm

Gee the odds must be in favour of us having a glassed out day sooner or later as the windy conditions have not let up for long over the last six months or so. It will probably be like a Coles car park on a Saturday morning when it does as every angler with craft that floats will be out there getting their piscatorial relief.

Once again not a lot of exciting news this week as very few anglers have ventured far. I did a quick trip to the lower Brisbane River in my kayak on Wednesday and cast plastics and Jackal masks at a few prominent ledges. I only managed one hookup on a quality fish, possibly a salmon or mulloway, which shook its head twice and then tore off before the hook pulled. A previous trip to the same spot a few days earlier yielded a quality flathead and few legal tailor. I have now finally brought a colour Humminbird sounder/GPS unit for my kayak so hopefully I will be able to catch a few quality fish out of it soon. I have only done three trips in it so far and am quickly getting used to the difference and challenge in fishing from it. I will have to get out to the Scarborough Reef area before the closures take hold and anglers will be excluded from fishing there. Kayak fishing is a big thing in the USA, New Zealand and South Africa and hopefully I will meet a few more keen Yak anglers to do a few trips with in the future. It has sure been helping with the fuel bills.

Many of the smaller creeks and drains have been producing a few quality crabs for those willing to get to the more inaccessible spots to set a few pots. Prawns are still being caught in reasonable numbers in most of the major creek and river systems. You will often have to look around a little to find where they are but probing the deeper holes with your net around the change of the tide is a good start. Most of the bay islands are still worth a try for a quality snapper or two however I had a very quiet trip to Mud last week. I fished my usual spots for two hours before the top of the tide and around an hour after and drew a blank, not even a rattle. I suppose you must have days like that occasionally so that you appreciate the good days even more.

Longtails have been seen and occasionally captured from various areas of the bay and it appears as if it is a just a case of being in the right spot at the right time. Try the front of Bribie, Pearl Channel, shipping channels and Lucinda Bay area. Another spot where you usually find them at this time of the year is the Naval Reserve Banks, however I have not had any reports from here as yet. Whiting, bream and flathead are still prominent catches from most of the estuarine and creek systems with some quality bream being taken from the Kalinga Bank area and Crusoe Island areas by anglers fishing at night last week. An occasional school mulloway has also been about but they are far from common.

A few tailor have been caught on lightly weighted whitebait and frogmouth pillies around the Bribie bridge at night. Trevally, tarpon and a few quality squire have also been captured. Squid are still around in limited numbers for anglers fishing the eastern and northern end or St.Helena Island toward the top of the tide. The usual prawn style squid jig seems to be the best offering. The canals are still worth a fish with live baits as a few jacks, estuary cod, flathead and trevally are still being caught. Those anglers venturing out at night have been seeing the most action. Casting small minnow lures and soft plastics during the day around the pontoons and other structure will also work.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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