Weekly Report 3 Apr 08

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Weekly Report 3 Apr 08

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:08 am

I had a nice session fishing the Brisbane River late last week. I cast and retrieved plastics and Jackal Mask 70 along the underwater ledges and jetties down towards the mouth and was rewarded with a mixed bag of fish. These included four estuary cod to 48cm, two flathead (63cm and 88cm), five snapper to 45cm and three bream (27cm, 33cm and 35cm). I also got smoked twice whilst casting around the pylons, possibly threadfin as I witnessed the capture of three others in the area that morning. Overall it was a very enjoyable few hours on the water, even though it rained quite a bit.

With so much good weather lately, reports have started filtering in, especially from the offshore reefs where mixed bags of pelagic and demersal species have been taken. Areas such as Hutchies, Square Patch, the area around The Group, coffee rock on the eastern side of Moreton, Flinders Reef and the northern end of The Trench being just a few of the productive areas. The occasional quality wahoo to 20kg has been reported, although many anglers have also had hooked wahoo devoured by sharks. Spanish mackerel, snapper, parrot, red emperor, sweetlip, yellowfin, mack tuna and amberjack are just a few of the other species caught.

Inside the bay, the fishing has been patchy at times although some good individual catches have made the effort worthwhile for some. After my successes last week, several anglers I know headed out to target a few cobia in areas such as the Curtain Artificial, Four Beacons, Pearl Channel, Western Rocks and the many beacons along the shipping channel. No captures of cobia were reported to me over the weekend but it would still be worth trying as often it is just a case of being in the right place at the right time for cobia, as was probably the case with my success a few days earlier.

A few longtail tuna were hooked along the front of Bribie Island, mainly on small chrome slices. The fly anglers have been getting a better strike rate most of the time as the bait on which the longtails are feeding is fairly small and the fly is a better representation of this bait. Plenty of schools of mack tuna and the small frigate tuna have been seen in various areas throughout the bay but the schools have been fairly flighty at times. Snapper have been a little sporadic around the bay islands with some anglers achieving good results and others struggling for a few undersize fish. The majority of the larger fish reported have been caught on quality fresh baits at night. Tailor have been caught around the Bribie Island bridge by anglers fishing at night. Best baits have been pillies, hardiheads, whitebait and frogmouths. Anglers fishing with plastics have been catching tailor, as well as snapper at times. Some quality bream have been taken also and a few anglers have hooked into some unstoppables, probably shovelnose rays or large cod.

The Jumpinpin area has been a little quiet at times, although fairly consistent for flathead, especially those anglers trolling lures along the edges of the banks towards the lower stages of the tide. Bream, trevally and the occasional tailor has also fallen for this approach. Drifting the channel leading in from the bar whilst dragging baits or jigging plastics has been productive at times for flathead, trevally and the occasional mulloway, the best reported going a little over 8kg. Hopefully we will get a few more days of light winds over the coming weeks to allow anglers to get out onto the water and target a few quality fish.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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