Weekly Report 6 May 08

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Weekly Report 6 May 08

Post by Brad » Tue May 06, 2008 7:33 am

Reports have been fairly inconsistent over the last week and it appears in a lot of cases, success just means you have to be in the right place at the right time. Planning often has not paid dividends for anglers as conditions and the feeding habits of fish seem to be varied and hard to predict consistently. The Brisbane River continues to produce quite a few threadfin salmon for anglers in the know about the habits of these awesome fish. Most of the captures in recent weeks have occurred well up the river as far as Indooroopilly with some anglers achieving good results by working around lighted sections of the river at night with lures. Reaction baits, plastics and hard body minnows have all worked well with the salmon often feeding on schools of bait balled close to the surface. The chopping as they demolish the bait can often be heard and sighted from some distance away. Live baits are the best option for those who are not up on all the techniques for working these lures. When fished around these lighted sections or along the edges of drop-offs and ledges, live baits can work well on the salmon as well as mulloway, cod, snapper, sharks and others. Mullet, banana prawns, pike, herring and many others can be used.

A few school jew have been caught on plastics around the Jumpinpin area over the last few weeks. The channel leading in from the bar, especially around the mouth of Swan Bay, and the Kalinga Bank stretch have all produced fish. Night and early morning sessions will definitely heighten your chances of success. Flathead, trevally, tailor, bream and other species have also been caught. One angler even managed a 5kg yellowtail kingfish on a Storm Wildeye Shad last week. The tuna in the bay have been few and far between by all accounts although anglers willing to invest the time and fuel have been finding a few. Along the front of Bribie Island there has been the occasional longtail and a few smaller mack tuna. Other reports have come from areas such as the NE Channel, Rainbow Channel, Naval Reserve Banks, Pearl Channel and just out the front of Scarborough.

Snapper reports have been varied in the bay and there has been some quality captures by some anglers. Snapper to 79cm have been taken from the Mud Island area, although I couldn’t get onto any close to that caliber when I fished there last Friday. The bait fishermen have been getting a few quality specimens at Mud around the change of the tide whilst soaking baits such as squid, pillies and pike fillets along the edges of prominent drop-offs. Peel Island has also produced quite a few quality snapper for those working plastics along the edges of the prominent reef edge. Tuskfish, sweetlip, morwong and other species have also fallen for this technique.

Working shallow diving hard body lures and surface presentations around the shallows on the northern and western sides of mud has accounted for some cracking bream to 1.6kg. This finesse technique has also resulted in hookups on snapper, trevally, and of course, pike. An occasional school mackerel is still being caught in the top end of the Rous Channel but the consistency is just not there. If you are in the area then it is worth a try but it is too bit hit and miss to dedicate an entire trip to this area. Whiting reports have been fairly good with captures from the Sand Hills area, Amity Banks, Maroom Banks and many other areas of the bay. Some anglers have even been getting a few decent ones along the Wynnum foreshore, mouth of Lota Creek and Nudgee Creek whilst fishing from the bank.

May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald

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