Weekly Report 17 Jun 08

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Weekly Report 17 Jun 08

Post by Brad » Tue Jun 17, 2008 5:35 pm

Some good weather over the last week has prompted anglers to get out onto the water for a bit of piscatorial action. A few glassed out days in the middle of last week were enough to get me excited and I spent two pleasant days on the water with my father who was down from Townsville for the week. I was talking to him about the threadfin salmon in the Brisbane River and he said he had never caught one before, let alone of the proportions that they get in out local waterway.

On Tuesday morning we headed to the river to target them, and anything else that came along, at a few of my favored spots towards the mouth of the river. The first spot only yielded five estuary cod between us with some falling for the Jackal Mask TN70 that I was using, and some for Dad’s Berkley 5” Gulp. I kept telling dad to slow down his retrieve as he was winding a little fast, and to almost fish the Gulp like an unweighted bait. We went to my second spot mid morning, just as the tide was slowing and after about twenty minutes he exclaimed that he was on but it was only a little fish. It was coming towards the boat easily and I could tell by the bend in the rod that there was a bit of weight there. Once the fish got directly under the boat it must have felt the real pressure and screamed off a good fifty metres of line. Just a small one huh! It took Dad a good fifteen minutes to land it on the 15lb braid. At 122cm on the lie detector, it was not a bad fish for your first threadie.

The next day we only fished the river for an hour or so for a few small fish and then headed into the bay, which was totally glassed out. We fished plastics around Mud for around an hour or two, but with little run in the very clean water the action was slow. We headed over towards Spit Beacon at the southern end of Lucinda bay but didn’t see any surface action. Once back at the mouth of the Brisbane River we started to see some surface action, which were schools of mack tuna to around 4kg in weight. We found these bust ups as far up river as the mouth of Boat Passage.

A couple of anglers who fished Mud Island that same day, but later in the afternoon, just as the sun was going down and the tide was starting to run hard found some surface feeding snapper and managed to hook and land one of around 6kg on their first cast. They also caught several more quality fish that night. Early mornings have also been fishing well with good fish coming from both the eastern and northern sides.

Peel has been fishing similarly with the extremities of the day, dawn and dusk, as well as the darkened hours being the prime time to be on the water. Night sessions are best for the bait fishermen as working plastics along the edges of the reef and staying outside the closed zone can be quite difficult. The houseboat wreck has been both popular and productive for anglers fishing with baits at night. You are best to drift during the rising tide and then anchor towards to top of the tide. Well presented, fresh baits will put you in with the best chance of hooking better quality snapper and other species such as golden trevally, yellowtail kingfish, sweetlip and tailor, which have been caught here recently.

The Dunwich Jetty is definitely worth a look if you are heading over that way as yellowtail kingfish, golden trevally, giant trevally, bigeye trevally and several other species have been caught there at night on both plastics and surface lures. Even with 30lb braid, some anglers have not been able to stop some of the better quality fish around the pylons. One angler I spoke to recently had a small yellowtail kingfish of about 1.5kg almost at the boat before a cod in excess of 50kg engulfed it and casually swam away before going around a pylon and busting the line.

A few longtails have been sighted and caught along the front of Bribie Island but the schools have been small and moving quite fast in most instances. Macks and bonito have also roamed this precinct with the area around Skirmish Point to the shark nets being a good spot to search during the falling tide. Anglers fishing both the Harry Atkinson and Curtain Artificial reefs have been getting good results at night on both baits and plastics. Snapper, sweetlip and a mix of other reef species have been caught. An occasional cobia has been caught around the Curtain by anglers with live baits. Most estuary systems have been fishing well in recent weeks with bream, flathead, tailor, whiting and several other species being caught with regularity.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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