Weekly Report 27 June 08

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Weekly Report 27 June 08

Post by Brad » Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:37 am

A few quality captures have been reported this week that stand out from the rest but it appears as if most anglers have been getting into some decent fish. The eastern facing beaches of Moreton and Stradbroke have been fishing well for bream and tailor as well as the occasional mulloway and quality dart. Flathead have also been about in numbers in some gutters but as is usual at this time of the year, most anglers have tailor fever. I managed a few choppers down near the Jumpinpin Bar earlier in the week on jigged soft plastics but reports have filtered in from most beaches as well as places such as the Victoria Point Jetty, Redcliffe Jetty and Manly Harbour Rock Wall.

Even anglers targeting snapper at Mud and Peel with soft plastics have caught the odd decent tailor. The top end of the Rous Channel and Amity rock wall are other places where anglers have managed a few decent fish, icluding tailor, bream, trevally, school mackerel and cod. The shallows of Mud Island have produced a lot of quality bream for anglers. Most have opted to use artificials such as surface stick baits, soft plastics and shallow diving minnows to seduce bream to over 1.5kg onto the line. On the falling tide, the mouth of the lagoon on Mud has been another good place to try for quality specimens. Flathead, pike, trevally and tailor are other possibilities for these shallow grounds.

A few quality longtails have been caught in the bay this week. Most have been taken from small surface disturbances by anglers who are lucky enough to be within casting range when the boil up occurs. Chris Deeks caught and released a longtail that would probably have given fifty old-fashioned pounds a nudge whilst targeting snapper at Mud during the week. A few good longtails have been taken on slugs and poppers in the Pearl Channel, along the front of Bribie Island, Naval Reserve Banks and in the Rainbow Channel.

I had a report from a guy at the CSIRO of the capture of a coral trout of around 4kg from the Brisbane River during the week. It is amazing what shows up in this river at times with species such as tripletail (jumping cod), threadfin salmon, grunter and golden trevally being caught here over the last few years. I even know of a Spanish mackerel that was caught on a mullet fillet around one of the beacons leading into the river about two years ago. Maybe global warming is to thank.

A few quality mulloway have been caught in the Brisbane River over the last week. Most have been caught on live baits with mullet a favorite of those who regularly target them with success. Pike, banana prawns and even herring and fillet baits are also worth a try. Fish these baits along the edges of the ledges and in the deeper holes around the change of the tide, and you are in with a chance. One angler even managed a mulloway of around 8kg whilst on his lunch break from work at the mouth of Doboy Creek (Aquarium Passage). Winter whiting are on the increase in numbers with some anglers doing well around the Sand Hills, in the upper reaches of the Rous Channel, Amity banks and Maroom Banks. Worms are naturally the best bait but thin strips of squid will also suffice. These are a great species for the kids to target and make for a tasty feed.

An odd school mackerel is still being caught from the Redcliffe Jetty by anglers suspending pillies below a float. The early morning rising tide seems to be the best time to be trying. This is a good spot to take the kids for a fish over the school holidays as it is easily accessible and has plenty of shops nearby for when they get hungry or bored. The nearby Hornibrook Highway Bridge is another that is worth a visit. Other land-based spots worth considering include Nudgee Creek, Victoria Point Jetty, Sandgate Jetty, Scarborough Jetty, mouth of Raby Bay Canals, Fishermans Island and anywhere else along the Brisbane River where you can access the shoreline.

Remember that there will be a lot more boat traffic on the water over the school holidays so be extra careful. The few extra minutes that it takes to get somewhere is better than having an accident on the water by hitting a sand bank, rock bar or other vessel. Check all your safety gear as I am sure there will be extra patrols and you want to have it all in order anyway just in case something goes wrong. Enjoy your time on the water and be courteous to others.
May your bait be nervous. Gordon Macdonald.

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